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Lee Hong Ki states that F.T. Island are lab rats for CNBLUE

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki recently revealed his dissatisfaction with his own management company.

During a segment on October 30th’s broadcast of ‘Oh My School‘, Hong Ki talked about some of his life’s stories. In particular, the story regarding their fellow label mate and rival CNBLUE has caught attention.

Hong Ki revealed, “When we advanced into the Japanese market, CNBLUE debuted in Korea, and their popularity exploded.”

Being in the same management company and similar rock band concept, the two groups shared many similarities.

He continued, “F.T. Island and CNBLUE are in the same management company, and it seems the company experimented with us. Whenever the company made a mistake with us, they did it all for CNBLUE. We’re basically CNBLUE’s lab rats. But we will show you how strong lab rats really are.”

On this issue, H.O.T member Tony An also shared his experience, “I know exactly how you feel. H.O.T debuted earlier than Shinhwa, but our company only took care of Shinhwa.”

Although Hong Ki’s complaints were done in a light-hearted manner, we do know how he feels… poor Hong Ki!

Source: Allkpop


Hineni’s Pre-event

YG releases 2NE1 teaser photo featuring all four members

The girls of 2NE1 are scheduled to start their follow-up promotions with “It Hurts” on “Inkigayo” later tonight, and while they have already released a teaser photo of their concept featuring Dara, now YGhas released a teaser photo with all four members.

Source: YG Life


2NE1 to return with “It Hurts”!

YG Entertainment confirmed “It Hurts” to be 2NE1’s follow-up track on October 30th.

A representative of YG stated, “Fans of 2NE1 have been showing a lot of anticipation for their follow-up track. We’ve been heavily contemplating which track to choose, and have finally decided on ‘It Hurts.’ We revealed a poster for it on our official blog, YG Life, featuring Dara with a unique, mysterious look.”

He went on to state, “The music video for the song is a fantasy themed with Dara as the leading role.Lee Soo Hyuk, G-Dragon’s friend and model, will be the leading male role.”

The music video for “It Hurts” was directed by Kim Hye Jung, the same director for G-Dragon’s “Butterfly.”

2NE1 will return with “It Hurts” through SBS’s “Inkigayo” on the 31st.

Source + Photo: Star News


Moon Geun Young gets married again on ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’

The ‘Two Geun Couple’ – Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young – revealed their wedding photoshoot for upcoming drama, ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night‘. This is the second wedding pictorial released for this drama; the first was taken with the other male lead, Kim Jae Wook.

For this photoshoot, Jang Geun Suk wore a fashionable yet modern black tux; hilariously, his sullen expression places him as the most reluctant bridegroom we’ve seen yet. Co-star Moon Geun Young was primped into a mini wedding dress with a pink ribbon, and accentuated her fairy-like appearance with a tiny tiara.

After finishing the wedding photoshoot, Jang Geun Suk commented, ‘Today, the unusual Mary is very pretty. Don’t I look handsome too? We had fun filming, so I hope the viewers will enjoy watching the drama.’

Moon Geun Young said, ‘Even though it’s a different design from the last wedding dress, I like both. The hairstyles and atmosphere is also different.’

‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ will begin airing on November 8th.

Source: Allkpop

Kim So Eun’s Facebook Page

South Korean actress, Kim So Eun had so many facebook pages made by her fans. But, I’ve found an updated page for her. So, if you have a facebook account, like her page at:

Hope you suggest it to your other facebook friends like I did. Thanks.

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2NE1 officially contracts under Avex!

Back in August 2010, rumors about 2NE1 following the footsteps of their fellow YG brothers, Big Bang, in advancing into the Japanese music industry with a contract under their belts with Japan’s highly successful entertainment company, Avex.

It has just been confirmed that these rumors are in fact true, as Avex just recently revealed 2NE1’s official website under Avexnet, along with 2NE1’s official Japanese website, created by YG.

According to information on their website, 2NE1’s debut album in Japan is scheduled to drop this coming December 8th, along with an additional CD+DVD bonus album.

Congratulations to 2NE1 for their sweet contract, and make sure to follow allkpop as more news on 2NE1’s Japanese debut unravels!

Check out the two websites below.

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Playful Kiss Is Not Over Yet…, will start overseas promotional activity!

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, male and female leads,from the Wed/Thu MBC drama Playful Kiss which ended its run on 21st,will be working together again.

The two will be filming for the spin-off story from Playful Kiss from 26th Oct to 10th Nov.This spin-off will be an exclusive online special,and will revolve around the lives of Baek Seung Jo (KHJ) and Oh Ha Ni (JSM)after getting married.It will be aired via YouTube from the mid November.

The person-in-charge of the TV production team said,“The spin-off story is about the couple’s lives.Unfortunately, only Jung So Min was shooting on the first day of filming.Kim Hyun Joong was absent due to a CF shootingwhich was held back as he was busy with the drama filming.They will reunite for filming in the afternoon of 27th.”

Further, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min are expected to carry out promotional activities overseasfor the drama in the first half of next year.Playful Kiss, which has been sold to 12 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Philippines and others,will launch large-scale promotional activities overseas from December.

original in korean: Nate Newstranslated into chinese: YOYO@百度金贤重吧 HYUNBARtranslated into english: bb

“Playful Kiss” uploads special online version through Youtube

MBC’s “Playful Kiss” has created a new Youtube account.

Production company Group Eight stated on October 11th, “We have opened a new Youtube accountwith the world’s greatest video sharing site in order to reveal a special version of ‘Playful Kiss.’”

“Playful Kiss” will begin airing a special online version of the drama through Youtube starting from the 11th. The channel currently consists of interviews, OST music videos, NG cuts, and a variety of behind-the-scenes footage. The channel is introduced in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

The CEO of Group Eight went on to state, “Youtube will play a major role in connecting our content to the international market. The release of an online version of ‘Playful Kiss’ through Youtube will be the preview to a new future for the Korean video content industry.

Interested fans should bookmark and show them lots of love now!


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Kim So Eun Joins Twitter

Kim So Eun posted some pictures on her cyworld announcing that she joined twitter on her cyworld.


드디어 저도 트위터를 하게됬어요~
근데……사실 너무어려워요ㅜㅜ



Back in June, Kim So Eun’s agency, N.O.A Entertainment made it clear that the adorable actress didn’t have a twitter account. Well, it seems this has changed as she recently posted “트위터!! kimso_ (twitter!! kimso_)” on her cyworld page.

She posted this message, along with 2 photos: “I’ve finally started twitter. It’s so difficult for a computer noob like me.”


In the post above she says that’s she’s finally created a twitter account and to follow her @kimso_

I’ve checked her twitter site out and it seems legit especially considering it was mentioned on her cyworld. Unfortunately she’s following the wrong Kim Bum 😦

You can find her at

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Source: Kim So Eun Cyworld