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Kim So Eun Joins Twitter

Kim So Eun posted some pictures on her cyworld announcing that she joined twitter on her cyworld.


드디어 저도 트위터를 하게됬어요~
근데……사실 너무어려워요ㅜㅜ



Back in June, Kim So Eun’s agency, N.O.A Entertainment made it clear that the adorable actress didn’t have a twitter account. Well, it seems this has changed as she recently posted “트위터!! kimso_ (twitter!! kimso_)” on her cyworld page.

She posted this message, along with 2 photos: “I’ve finally started twitter. It’s so difficult for a computer noob like me.”


In the post above she says that’s she’s finally created a twitter account and to follow her @kimso_

I’ve checked her twitter site out and it seems legit especially considering it was mentioned on her cyworld. Unfortunately she’s following the wrong Kim Bum 😦

You can find her at

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Source: Kim So Eun Cyworld


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