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Lee Hong Ki states that F.T. Island are lab rats for CNBLUE

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki recently revealed his dissatisfaction with his own management company.

During a segment on October 30th’s broadcast of ‘Oh My School‘, Hong Ki talked about some of his life’s stories. In particular, the story regarding their fellow label mate and rival CNBLUE has caught attention.

Hong Ki revealed, “When we advanced into the Japanese market, CNBLUE debuted in Korea, and their popularity exploded.”

Being in the same management company and similar rock band concept, the two groups shared many similarities.

He continued, “F.T. Island and CNBLUE are in the same management company, and it seems the company experimented with us. Whenever the company made a mistake with us, they did it all for CNBLUE. We’re basically CNBLUE’s lab rats. But we will show you how strong lab rats really are.”

On this issue, H.O.T member Tony An also shared his experience, “I know exactly how you feel. H.O.T debuted earlier than Shinhwa, but our company only took care of Shinhwa.”

Although Hong Ki’s complaints were done in a light-hearted manner, we do know how he feels… poor Hong Ki!

Source: Allkpop


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