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2NE1 haunts with “It Hurts” music video

2NE1 rode the waves of jubilation and controversy when they made their comeback with not just two, but three tracks – “Can’t Nobody“, “Go Away“, and “Clap Your Hands“. Consequently, many believed that the group’s follow-up track would have a delayed release.

YG Entertainment has shown once again that 2NE1 will not falter before common expectations, however, as they released a few teaser photos announcing the release of “It Hurts” on October 31st.

Because it debuted on Halloween night, “It Hurts” has the girls dressed in a Victorian Gothic fashion that they’ve naturally tweaked to their own tastes. Check it out below!

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Special online version of “Playful Kiss” will reveal steamy love scene

Recently, we revealed that MBC’s official Youtube channel for “Playful Kiss” will release a series of special online episodes starting on November 11th.

On November 1st, Kim Hyun Joong hinted, “Expect a steamy love scene,” at the press conference in Seoul’s Coex mall earlier this afternoon.

He also commented about his “married” life, saying, “This is my second time being married because of the MBC show ‘We Got Married‘. But when it comes to dramas, it is my first time getting married.”

He added, “Since Youtube does not have strict restrictions, we were able to show a steamier love scene than on television. I believe that the couple will look more natural than on TV. Youtube is a place where netizens of the entire world can share and communicate. I hope ‘Playful Kiss’ can participate in the phenomenon and become an international icon.”

Kim Hyun Joong explained that the the Youtube episode will conclude the mini series. “The TV series ended with the marriage, but the viewers are probably more curious about the life of the newlyweds. We included episodes the viewers would have wanted to see.”

Meanwhile, the special episodes of ‘Playful Kiss’ will be divided into seven different videos, about 10 minutes each. The first episode will be posted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting on the 2nd.

Wait, but that’s not all! On the 17th and 18th, making-of films including special NG cuts will also be released! Although the drama itself ended, it seems like the hype has yet to fade.

Subscribe to the Youtube channel now if you haven’t done so yet!

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Park Bom teases with a behind-the-scenes look from “It Hurts” MV shoot

If you’re wondering what on earth we’re showing here, don’t worry – it’s not Sesame Street’s Snuffleupagus, nor is it Cousin It. 2NE1’s very own Dara donned an outrageous wig for the music video of their follow-up track, “It Hurts“, and Park Bom snapped a shot of the wig from behind.

Bom uploaded this photo onto her me2day with the caption, “What could this be? kekeke

Avid fans of the group recognized that it was Dara right away, but some still ventured hilarious guesses: “A broom? kekeke“, “Looks like a hamster“, and “A ghost? It’s scary...”. The majority of responders bombarded the response box with impatient pleas for the music-video release: “When is the “It Hurts” MV coming out?” and “Ithurtsithurtsithurts~~

We’re really looking forward to the music video, which is supposedly being released sometime tonight. Stay tuned to allkpop for updates!


2NE1 says “It Hurts” on Inkigayo

After wrapping up promotions for “Can’t Nobody”, “Go Away”, and “Clap Your Hands”2NE1continued where they left off with a follow-up promotion with their ballad song, “It Hurts.”

2NE1 unveiled their first follow-up stage for “It Hurts” on the October 31st episode of Inkigayo.

The song talks about a love long gone, and it was interesting to see the 2NE1 girls sing a ballad song on stage after their energetic triple song promotions earlier.

Check it out below!

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Lee Hong Ki confesses to have been in a fistfight with F.T. Island bandmates

F.T. Island’s lead singer Lee Hong Ki appeared as a guest on October 30th’s broadcast of KBS‘ “Oh! My School“. While on the program, he participated in the show’s “Press Conference Practice” segment, in which MC Park Myung Soo asked, “Have you ever fought with the other members?” Lee honestly replied, “I have.”

Lee continued to surprise the guests when he confessed, “I’ve had a fist fight with my membersHowever, after that, our relationship has become stronger.

Guest Tony An was also asked, “Have you fought with your members during your H.O.T. days?“, to which he also truthfully replied, “Yes“.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong Ki revealed on a previous variety show appearance the truth behind how he became a part of F.T. Island. He said, “I was eliminated during the audition for F.T. Island initially because my height was below 180 cm, but I got a call one year later and was accepted.

Source + Photo: Seoul Newspaper NTN