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Lee Hong Ki confesses to have been in a fistfight with F.T. Island bandmates

F.T. Island’s lead singer Lee Hong Ki appeared as a guest on October 30th’s broadcast of KBS‘ “Oh! My School“. While on the program, he participated in the show’s “Press Conference Practice” segment, in which MC Park Myung Soo asked, “Have you ever fought with the other members?” Lee honestly replied, “I have.”

Lee continued to surprise the guests when he confessed, “I’ve had a fist fight with my membersHowever, after that, our relationship has become stronger.

Guest Tony An was also asked, “Have you fought with your members during your H.O.T. days?“, to which he also truthfully replied, “Yes“.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong Ki revealed on a previous variety show appearance the truth behind how he became a part of F.T. Island. He said, “I was eliminated during the audition for F.T. Island initially because my height was below 180 cm, but I got a call one year later and was accepted.

Source + Photo: Seoul Newspaper NTN



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