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Moon Geun Young does not plan to get married

At 2 PM today, a conference for the KBS2 drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night” was held at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. Over the course of the questioning, actress Moon Geun Young surprisingly confessed her thoughts on marriage.

She honestly stated, “Marriage is not for me. I have so many things that I want to accomplish, so it would be detrimental to the family”.

She further added, “However, if I do find somebody who I love, and he understands and gives me freedom to do whatever I want, I would think of marriage. Nevertheless, I have yet to meet a man like that, and neither have I thought of marriage. I want to have personal freedom. I don’t like the idea of being restricted.”

“Mary Stayed Out All Night”  is scheduled to have its first episode aired on November 8th.

Source + Image : Hankyung


Playful Kiss Special Edition Starts

The special youtube edition of Mischievous Kiss will have 7 episodes of 10 minutes each. The series will be released through the official youtube channel every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from November 2nd (yesterday) to November 16th. Special footage of making film & NG will be aired in the 17th & 18th.
Mischievous Kiss has been sold to 11 Asian countries and the US, gaining the profit of more than 4 billion KRW. 

Episode titles

1. 2nd November (Tuesday) Morning of the newly wed!
2. 3rd Novermber (Wednesday) Fear of injection!
3. 4th November (Thursday) Making of Jr Baek Seung Jo!
4. 9th November (Tuesday) Baek Seung Jo is my hubby!
5. 10th November (Wednesday) Baek Seung Jo defending the patient!
6. 11th November (Thurdsday) Driving is difficult!
7. 16th November (Tuesday) Happy Birthday!

Special Footage 1 17th November (Wednesday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut
Special Footage 2 18th November (Thursday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut
(the teaser is in the previous post)

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Lee Minho in New York for W Korea

Actor Lee Minho’s fall photoshoot for W Korea’s November issue was revealed.

Lee  Minho visited New York when he received an invitation to the 2011 SS Lacoste New York Collection. After his agenda was complete, he enjoyed New York’s fall season like any other New Yorker. From the clear skies to the light breeze, Lee Minho enjoyed the evergreen Central Park, the energetic city, and the tall skyscrapers.

In the photos, Lee Minho appears to be enjoying a late brunch in an uptown restaurant. He is also seen taking pleasure in the New York weather on a hotel balcony.

During the photo shoot, the humorous and simple Lee Minho attracted New Yorkers with his smile. He perfected his cool appeal with professional-looking natural poses and facial expressions.

Check out the photos below!

Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young delighted to be working together on “Mary Stayed Out All Night”

The main cast of “Mary Stayed Out All Night” got together on November 3rd at the press conference before the drama’s premiere next Monday.

Moon Geun Young, when asked about her thoughts on her fellow castmate, stated, “I decided to join the drama because I liked the script and the character’s charm, but my choice was also largely dependent on Jang Geun Suk being the other leading role.”

She continued, “I’ve always wanted to work with Jang Geun Suk after seeing his dramas and films. I decided that acting with him would be sweet and said okay to the cast offer.”

Jang Geun Suk stated, “Moon Geun Young was cast right after me. I first heard of the news while at a celebratory dinner with the production company. I screamed hooray when I heard the news. I was always the maknae and played roles that were dependent on other characters. I was determined to make this drama something that Moon Geun Young and I could both make together. I was glad that we fit well together after working with her for the first filming.”

Regarding actually working together, Moon Geun Young revealed, “We’re both the same age so everything is very comfortable. He’s caring and fun.”

Jang Geun Suk returned the compliments by stating, “Her charm is her honest personality. I’m able to talk with her freely. A lot of actresses have a difficult time dealing with actors, but there’s none of that with us. We text each other after work and monitor the other’s acting.”

“Mary Stayed Out All Night” will broadcast on November 8th, replacing “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“, which ended last night, and the show also stars Kim Jae Wook and Kim Hyo Jin, among others.



SNSD talks about their Japanese experience

Having made their comeback with “Hoot,” the members of SNSD recently met with reporters on November 2nd in order to share their thoughts on their achievements as the new Hallyu leaders.

– Do you feel the level of your popularity in Japan?

Taeyeon: “I was really surprised when I heard ‘Gee‘ as the ring tone of a random passerby. One time, a French person even noticed who we were.”

Tiffany: “I left the house with my face covered and went into the city. I saw a crowd of about 10 or so teenage girls taking a picture with our SNSD pose.”

Sooyoung: “I never feel our popularity so I always ask our manager. ‘Are we really that popular?’ We never meet anyone other than celebrities so it’s hard to feel it for ourselves. It still makes me proud when I see people that go, ‘Wow, it’s SNSD’ whenever we go to broadcast halls.

– Do your Japanese fans acknowledge each member like your Korean fans?

Taeyeon: “They can go on the internet so it’s easy to find out stuff about us like our personal nicknames and whatnot. I recently saw some fans that were holding up placards with my nickname, Taenggoo, and Sooyoung’s nickname, Piggy. There are even some fans that are trying to learn Korean as well.”

Seohyun: “Because of ‘We Got Married,’ I became known as sweet potato. Even in Shanghai, I saw a board that had ’sweet potato’ written on it. I wondered if they were referring to me and waved to them.

– You returned to Korea with glory…

Yuri: “There were a lot of people that congratulated us on doing well so it made us feel that we did something important as Korean citizens. However, it does make us feel more careful with our actions and words whenever we’re out. It’s a bit pressuring.”

– Unlike your seniors, you’re learning Japanese while physically promoting there.

Tiffany:We’re not that good at it yet, but we are able to converse naturally. We’re just hoping to show us as is in order to prevent any awkwardness. We never thought of trying to fit ourselves into the trends of the Japanese music market, but are instead focusing on showing as much of our energy and color as possible.”

– How do you spend your days?

Jessica: “When we have performances scheduled, each of us have so many different schedules that we have to cut back on our sleeping time in order to rehearse. And when we actually do rehearse, we all get so into it that we go very late into the night. Even individually, we all listen to our own parts and practice our facial expressions and choreography on our own.”

Yoona: “When we’re resting, I sleep or watch a movie. Even when I want to be left alone, we have to stick together for everything so I don’t have any outside friends. Still, it’s not boring or anything. We have so many members so I can just go around and play with each of them (laughter).”

– Who are your ideal men?

Yoona: I’d like to meet Kimura Takuya. We fell in love with him while watching the drama, ‘Pride.’ I’m going to study Japanese more and meet him one day.

Hyoyeon: “It changes all the time… It’s different in May, it’s different in June. Anyone that has interest in me can just show that they’re a hard working person. I like that about people.”

– What are your future plans?

Sooyoung: “We hope to show a performance that manages to capture every second of the viewers’ attention. Hopefully perform more in other countries and hold unique concerts as well.”

Sunny: “We once performed with a live band and I remember it being really fun and exciting. There is a sort of greed where I want to present the dreams I have going on in my head to my fans. We’re idols, and because of that, we’re criticized for performing idol music, but those criticisms are like nutrients to us. It makes us want to do better and try to achieve more. We’re not busy trying to chase the market, we’re trying to become leaders that will make the market chase us.

– How did you feel while performing at the Daejong Film Awards?

We don’t really look into the crowd while performing on stage. We’re too busy focusing on the actual stage to pay so much attention to the crowd. Before we appeared at the Daejong Film Awards, we made our comeback at KBS ‘Music Bank’ so we were all very tired. As soon as our performance at the awards ceremony ended, we went straight home and fell asleep. It was not until later that we found out there was such a big controversy surrounding it. Still, we’re not upset or anything. We understand that it’s a serious event.

Source + Photos: Seoul News, SM Entertainment