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Behind the scenes of SNSD’s ‘Hoot’ MV

SNSD has locked down a successful start to their promotions for title track ‘Hoot‘, as they’ve already won the ‘K-Chart‘ distinction on Music Bank‘ after only a week since their comeback.

Star News recently interviewed SNSD while on the set for their ‘Hoot’ music video. Super Junior’s Choi Siwon also made a cameo appearance during the interview, so keep an eye out for him below!

<Video + Translations>

Tiffany: To all the viewers, hello we’re SNSD!

Tiffany: Yes, today SNSD is at the music video set for our new song, ‘Hoot’. Welcome!

Hyoyeon: ‘Hoot’ is a light-hearted song that combines a go-go rhythm with a retro guitar. It’s also a catchy song that accentuates the members’ unique voices. The lyrics for the song is really cute as well, since the song is about a girl who’s having a really hard time with her boyfriend, and wants to give him a warning that she will shoot an arrow to his heart.

Sooyoung: The members are sporting hairstyles and outfits as if you’re watching a real ’80’s movie. Also in the song lyrics, we sing about shooting the heart with an arrow, so at the moment we’re shooting the music video on a set that looks similar to a dart board. Don’t we look like girls from the ‘007 movie..?

Siwon: It looks like our SNSD friends will be decorating the last few months of this year beautifully, and I hope many people give their mini-album ‘Hoot’ a lot of love. SNSD friends, Fighting! I think the song sounds really good, their concept as well.

Taeyeon: Us girls have been working hard doing promotions in Japan, and we’ve also just come back to Korea holding a new album. Since we also released a new single ‘Gee’ in Japan as well, we will be showing a hard-working image through that, and we will also do our best for our new song ‘Hoot’ in Korea.

We hope you give us lots of love, right till the end. We’re SNSD!

Source: Allkpop


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