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Lee Min Jung with mono-lid tape at Young Pyoung Yang Awards

The 30th Young Pyoung Yang Awards were recently held on November 8th, and it saw various Korean celebrities in attendance, including the beautiful actress, Lee Min Jung.

Lee Min Jung, who won the female new actress award, looked graceful with her bright red, elegant dress, and soft, natural-looking waves in her hair, topped off by light pink lipstick.

All her natural beauty aside though, what caught the attention of the photographers that night was the mono-lid tape on Lee Min Jung’s right eye, which is usually used to make bigger looking eyes.

Wondering why the actress stuck it on just one eye, they kept a close eye on her throughout the night to see what she would do with it. It was only much later in the evening when the photographers caught Lee Min Jung finally taking off the tape while posing an innocent, shy smile to the cameras.

It’s quite apparent that Lee Min Jung looks quite beautiful even without the mono-lid tape, but it’s curious as to why she would even bother with it in the first place.

Source + Photo: Sports Seoul

2NE1’s Dara sheds tears of gratitude after receiving gift from Filipino fan

2NE1’s Sandara Park shed tears after being presented with traditional, handmade Filipino meals by a Filipino fan.

On the latest episode of Mnet’s 2NE1 TV Season 2′, Sandara was unexpectedly greeted by a Filipino fan, who was able to find her by asking around which hotel the group was staying at while they were inAmerica for their album work.

Sandara, who was always fond of traditional Filipino meals, felt more gratitude than usual as her health had been taking a downward spiral at the time. Sandara was even more thankful that her fan had taken the effort to find her all the way in America.

Dara said, “I was really moved by all the fans who were able to recognize us on the streets while in America. It reminds me of the times when I auditioned back in the Philippines. Back then, I was put in one of the very bottom piles of the audition, however, because of the fans’ support and love, I was able to place second. If it wasn’t for them, I would not have been 2NE1’s Sandara Park.”

Source: Newsen


Best Girl Group Poll results from iPoll

Korea’s largest online polling site conducted a poll for “Best Girl Group” from August 23rd to October 3rd. Various girl groups were paired up in brackets with the winner advancing to the next round. The poll was very popular with more than 100,000,000 votes tallied for the entirety of the poll.

The first round match up was as follows:

Brown Eyed Girls (397,970) vs T-ara (332,464)
SNSD (8,322,980) vs 4minute (5,184,301)
After School (5,657,572) vs f(x) (3,483,645)
Sistar (92,580) vs 2NE1 (220,857)
Miss A (666,657) vs KARA (340,025)
Wonder Girls (5,560,302) vs Secret (150,246)

Second Round:
Brown Eyed Girls (232,740) vs SNSD (6,573,904)
After School (3,582,021) vs 2NE1 (889,429)
Miss A (250,933) vs Wonder Girls (7,544,260)

A Double Elimination poll was held and 4minute won that poll

Semi Finals:
SNSD (8,363,274) vs After School (1,460,794)
4minute – Double Elimination winner (437,867) vs Wonder Girls (5,545,042)

SNSD (28,558,344) vs Wonder Girls (40,637,960)

Despite being gone for quite some time it was surprising to see the Wonder Girls win the poll, Congratulations to them. Which girl group would’ve gotten your vote?

Source + Photo: Newsen

Preview of Big Bang’s new song!

On the latest episode of 2NE1 TV, there was a scene of Big Bang at the studio.

As usual, the boys of Big Bang were full of energy and just absolutely goofy.  But what really caught our attention, was a nice little preview of one of Big Bang’s new songs from their upcoming album!

Check it out below and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Source: Allkpop


Lee Seung Gi on his army enlistment and future drama projects

Multi-talented singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi recently held a fan meeting for Samsung Zipel on the evening of November 9th in Seoul, where he talked about his thoughts on his future army enlistment and his desire to act in certain genres of drama.

When the MC asked about his plans on his future drafting, Lee Seung Gi boldly replied, “I think I might want to enlist sooner rather than later.” The singer lightly joked with his disappointed fans, “I might even go next month…”

With regards to his general image, Lee Seung Gi expressed, “To be honest there are times when my image as a exemplary student is quite burdensome. When the ‘1N2D’ cast drink beer on the show, even when I drink just one shot, I get called a boozer.”

Lee Seung Gi also hinted at his desire to act in historical dramas for future projects. “Sequels and movies are good too, but I really want to act in historical dramas.”

The actor explained, “I’ve always wanted to try historical dramas. It’s only because I never got the opportunity. If I do, then I would definitely prefer a character who is quite high up. They receive good entertainment and get to wear warm clothes, so it would always be good to get a high-end role.”

Lee Seung Gi laughed and added, “Since I’ve played so many immature characters, I want to try an intellectual character next time.”

Source: Seoul NTN

10asia magazine releases the first idol encyclopedia, “10+idol”


10asia‘ magazine recently published their own idol magazine, “10+idol“, which features the greatest idols that have represented Korean entertainment in 2010. Naturally, the idols chosen reflect only the opinion of the magazine.

The book contains various articles, interviews, and pictures of idol activities throughout the year. Indeed, the magazine proudly proclaimed itself as the “2010 idol white book/encyclopedia.”

16 different idols are represented in its pages: SHINee, Taeyang, Jay Park, Rain, 2AM, SNSD, T.O.P., Wonder Girls, f(x), Jung Yong Hwa, miss A, B2ST, MBLAQ, SECRET, INFINTE, andOrange Caramel.

Profiles of each idol were listed, along with fun, cute questions that aimed to reveal a bit more about their personalities and backgrounds.

With idols leading the new K-pop Hallyu trend in Asia and the world, 10asia stated, “Viewing the various aspects of idols each year through 10Asia’s ‘10+idol’ will allow this to become one of the greatest idol history books for South Korea in the future.”

Beginning today, “10+idol” can be purchased for 9,900 KRW ($8.90 USD) through various online shopping sites, including Yes24, Interpark, Aladdin, 11th Street, Gmall, and Gmarket.

Source + Photos: 10asia

5th Special of ‘Playful Kiss’ revealed through YouTube

MBC’s ‘Playful Kiss‘ came to an end on the 21st of October. The drama went against some tough competition and suffered in the ratings department. Despite that, the show grew a small die-hard fan base and they were quite disappointed to see the show end so soon. However, that disappointment was somewhat turned around when there was news stating that Playful Kiss would continue airing via special episodes through video sharing website Youtube. The announcement also mentioned that it will have a different storyline than the TV version!

We have posted the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st specials before, and now check out the 5th special below!

Kim Hyun Joong stated, “Since Youtube doesn’t have strict restrictions, we were able to show a steamier love scene than on television. I believe that the couple will look more natural than on TV. Youtube is a place where netizens of the entire world can share and communicate. I hope ‘Playful Kiss’ can participate in the phenomenon and become an international icon.”

Meanwhile, the special episodes of Playful Kiss will be divided into seven different videos, about 10 minutes each.

On November 17th and 18th, making-of films including special NG cuts will also be released!

Source: ytkiss


Sandara Park vs. Park Bom: “The Sleeping Beauty” vs. “The Homeless

The sleeping images of 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom have been drawing attention lately.

On November 9th, fellow member Park Bom uploaded the photo seen above and wrote on her me2day,“A sleeping rabbit, she is currently taking a journey to dream land.”

In the photo, Sandara can be seen lying on the sofa, tightly holding onto a bright red cushion. The way she has her lips zipped closed has earned her the nickname, “The Sleeping Beauty”.

Netizens responded with a variety of comments, such as, “Are you sleeping without even taking off your makeup? That will harm your skin~”, “She’s an angel even when she’s sleeping”, “If a prince saw this, he’d run up to her and kiss her~ Even her sleeping image is a photo shoot”, “What are you dreaming?”

Meanwhile, on the same day, in contrast to Dara’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ image, Dara uploaded a picture of Park Bom sleeping much like ‘The Homeless’.

Dara commented on her me2day, “You don’t see us much in broadcasts, but we’re very busy all the same. The members have been taking turns in falling into deep sleeps. This picture of Park Bom sleeping was taken a few days ago in the Inkigayo waiting room.”

In response to the picture, netizens replied, “You’ll get sick if you sleep in cold places”, “I guess just because you’re not seen on broadcasts doesn’t mean you’re resting either. It’s been cold lately, so stay on top of your health, fighting”, “She looks like a doll when she sleeps”, “You can’t sleep anywhere like a homeless.”

Source + Photos: TV Daily, My Star News


YG Family holds a private meeting for upcoming concert

Members of the YG Family recently got together for a meeting on the afternoon of November 7th.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun SukBig Bang2NE1, and Gummy headed to the company building for a three-hour meeting regarding their December YG Family concert. There were many other artists in attendance as well, however, Psy and Se7en were unable to make it due to overlapping broadcast schedules and business in America.

According the agency’s representative, the meeting was held in order to hear everyones’ opinions and thoughts on stage settings, programs, and performances. Many fun and interesting ideas were said to have been exchanged.

2NE1’s Dara recently uploaded a picture of their concert setlist on her microblog and wrote, “We have a lot of 2NE1 songs in the lineup. We’ll prepare a fun and enjoyable performance. But… our seniors also have a lot of songs and hit songs, so what kind of stage will be shown is… secret.”

YG Family’s concert will be held on December 4th and 5th.

Source + Photos: SPN via Nate

Actor Jang Geun Suk to hold ‘Japan Tour 2010′

Actor Jang Geun Suk will kick off his nationwide Japanese tour called, ‘Where is Your Star?’

According to his agency on November 10th, Jang Geun Suk will be visiting 4 cities in Japan in 5 cycles, starting from Fukuoka on the 12th, and going up towards KobeYokohama, and Sapporo.

Jang Geun Suk said, “Coincidently, this upcoming Japan tour will be clashing with my comeback drama production, ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night”. Since the tour dates run parallel with my filming schedules, I will need very tight time management; however, I’m still happy as I will be able to share news about ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ while going on tour.”

A representative of Jang Geun Suk’s agency added, “Ever since we announced the news of his Japanese event, we have been getting countless calls about concert inquiries, and the concerts immediately sold out once tickets became available for sale. Because the server had crashed due to the high traffic, we received numerous calls from fans who were unable to purchase a ticket.”

They continued, “After holding an emergency meeting, we decided to add on an extra concert in Yokohama, but that was sold out right after ticket sales went open too. We are just really thankful for the tremendous amount of interest.”

Jang Geun Suk will be leaving for Fukuoka on the 11th in preparation for his first concert.

Source + Photo: Star News


Lee Seung Gi was thought to be rude because of “Shining Inheritance”

Talented star Lee Seung Gi recently revealed an unexpected episode he encountered after playing the role of Hwan in the SBS drama, “Shining Inheritance.”

On November 10th, in order to celebrate SBS’s 20th anniversary, the television station aired a show about the “10 Greatest Dramas of All Time” that the public would want to watch over, and “Shining Inheritance” received the honor of being one of those 10 dramas. For reference, in this drama, Seung Gi played the lead male character, Hwan, the son of a wealthy family that holds up an outside facade barrier as a rude individual in order to hide his pain and true kind self within. During this drama’s airing back in 2009, it received great response and interest from the public as a wonderful show.

Furthermore, regarding this drama, Seung Gi had a lot of positive feelings to express, as he said, “To me, ‘Shining Inheritance’ was a drama that allowed me to grow and spread my dreams of walking the path as an actor. It is a drama that gave me the base to try out other dramas. It is also a drama that allowed me to experience the happiness of receiving a 40% viewership rating, and to be honest I don’t know how many more dramas I would be able to say the same.”

Seung Gi also revealed an incident during his time acting as Hwan towards the beginning, “While filming the drama, people kept wondering if I was really like Hwan as a rude and an immature individual. I was a little surprised because a lot of people cursed Hwan’s character, as they said, ‘Even though Hwan is immature, there is a limit to immaturity.’” However, Seung Gi then added, “As time passed though, people began to understand Hwan’s true character and deeply fell into his charismatic charm.”

Source + Photo: Newsen