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Lee Seung Gi was thought to be rude because of “Shining Inheritance”

Talented star Lee Seung Gi recently revealed an unexpected episode he encountered after playing the role of Hwan in the SBS drama, “Shining Inheritance.”

On November 10th, in order to celebrate SBS’s 20th anniversary, the television station aired a show about the “10 Greatest Dramas of All Time” that the public would want to watch over, and “Shining Inheritance” received the honor of being one of those 10 dramas. For reference, in this drama, Seung Gi played the lead male character, Hwan, the son of a wealthy family that holds up an outside facade barrier as a rude individual in order to hide his pain and true kind self within. During this drama’s airing back in 2009, it received great response and interest from the public as a wonderful show.

Furthermore, regarding this drama, Seung Gi had a lot of positive feelings to express, as he said, “To me, ‘Shining Inheritance’ was a drama that allowed me to grow and spread my dreams of walking the path as an actor. It is a drama that gave me the base to try out other dramas. It is also a drama that allowed me to experience the happiness of receiving a 40% viewership rating, and to be honest I don’t know how many more dramas I would be able to say the same.”

Seung Gi also revealed an incident during his time acting as Hwan towards the beginning, “While filming the drama, people kept wondering if I was really like Hwan as a rude and an immature individual. I was a little surprised because a lot of people cursed Hwan’s character, as they said, ‘Even though Hwan is immature, there is a limit to immaturity.’” However, Seung Gi then added, “As time passed though, people began to understand Hwan’s true character and deeply fell into his charismatic charm.”

Source + Photo: Newsen



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