Not just an ordinary girl

Yuri and Sunny want to film “We Got Married” with…

Five members of SNSD appeared on this week’s Happy Together to talk about all kinds of things from their new album to funny stories.

Of course these idols fit in time in between to talk about their ideal types, as always.

They were asked who they would like to be with in a make-believe marriage, just like Seohyun withCNBLUE’s Yonghwa on MBC’s “We Got Married” program.

Yuri answered, “I would choose Won Bin.”

Sunny answered, “I would want Jo In Sung.”

Park Myung Soo then asked Taeyeon about her make-believe marriage with Jung Hyung Don, “Wasn’t that really hard?” Taeyeon joked, “Don’t even talk about that.”

Source: SPN


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