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SNSD, SHINee & f(x) model for 2011 calendars

SM Entertainment’s idol groups SNSD, SHINee, and f(x) recently modelled in various photoshoots for their respective 2011 calendars.

SNSD’s concept for the calendar was called, ‘Candid GIRLS with me’, in which the members posed naturally and expressed their friendly images.


SHINee’s calendar, titled ‘SHINee, Meeting Friends’, had the members dressed up in vintage outfits. Posing with special props, the photographers captured a classic yet unique atmosphere.

f(x)’s calendar, titled “Innocent f(x), Tainted with Nature”, dressed the girls in white outfits in order convey their innocent sides, while complementing them with colorful props.

The calendars are available in two formats – one for the desktop computer, and one to physically stick on the wall. The price has been determined for 15,000 Won ($13 USD) and can be purchased onGmarket from December 5th onwards.

Source: SPN
Photos: SM Entertainment


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