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Seo In Kook unveils “Take” MV teaser, feat. So Ji Sub and Jung So Min

Singer Seo In Kook recently unveiled his MV teaser for the digital single, “Take“, and it’s been garnering a lot of interest due to participation of actor So Ji Sub and actress Jung So Min.

Seo In Kook’s “Take” is a remake of “Take On Me“, an international hit from the Norwegian pop rock band, A-Ha (1985). The remake was done to celebrate the launching of the new smartphone named ‘Take’ from KT TECH.

After watching the MV teaser, netizens commented, “The song has changed quite a bit from the original. Amazing,” ” Seo In Kook’s vocals changes the atmosphere of the song,” and “The MV includes Seo In Kook and So Ji Sub. I want to watch the full MV fast.

Check out the MV teaser below!

Source: Nate
Photo: MyDaily


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