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Perfect Match Philippines OST

Here’s the perfect Christmas present for Perfect Match fans.
MCA Music will be releasing the Perfect Match soundtrack early December. Aside from the fact that it also includes a Bonus DVD with music videos of 5 songs, it also includes tracks from OPM artists like Nyoy Volante and Sabrina which were used in the locally dubbed version of the drama.

Album: Perfect Match OST
Artist: Various
Genre: Soundtrack
1. Can’t Believe It – Younha
2. Dropping Rain – Kim Tae-Woo
3. My Heart Is Touched – SeeYa
4. The Wings – Kim Tae Woo
5. Creating Love – 4Minute
6. Like A Fool – 2AM
7. Saranghae (Can’t Believe It Adaptation) – Sabrina
8. Ito Ang Pangako Ko (Dropping Rain Adaptation) – Nyoy Volante
9. Ito Ang Pangako ko (Dropping Rain Adaptation) – Sabrina
10. King Of The Bees
11. Strange Feeling
12. King Of The Bees (Piano version)
13. Like A Fool (Instrumental)
14. Creating Love (Instrumental Guitar)
15. The Wings (Instrumental)
16. My Heart Is Touched (instrumental)
17. Dropping Rain (Instrumental Violin)
18. Can’t Believe It (instrumental Piano)

Bonus DVD (Music Videos):
1. Can’t Believe It
2. Dropping Rain
3. My Heart Is Touched
4. The Wings
5. Creating Love

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