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Lee Min Jung replies to her fans via her Cyworld

Actress Lee Min Jung recently answered questions posed by her fans.

On December 3rd, Lee Min Jung uploaded a photo onto her Cyworld Minihompy wearing a white knitted hat with a snow covered mountain and a beautiful city next to the river in the backdrop.

There was only a “^^” attached to the picture, without any indication to when or where it was taken. The fans asked, ‘Please tell us where you took this!‘ and ‘Please stop uploading and tell us where this is.

Surprisingly, Lee Min Jung actually answered these questions.

She wrote, ‘This is at Queenstown, New Zealand.

Seeing Lee Min Jung’s comment, the fans wrote, ‘You have a good answering sense‘, ‘Wow, first time I have seen Lee Min Jung-sshi leave a comment‘, and ‘This picture looks like it was from a photo shoot.

Source: TVDaily


Park Bom dances to Taeyang’s “Only Look At Me”

The 2010 YG Family Concert takes place this weekend, from December 4th – 5th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, and 2NE1 member Park Bom has teased fans further with an update on her me2day.

Park Bom wrote on her me2day on December 4th, “This is actually Youngbae’s ‘Only Look At Me’ performance that I rehearsed to show at our concert. I worked really hard to make all of you laugh kekeke but due to the time limit, I won’t be able to show you. Instead, I rehearsed something from our Swi.T seniors…Eunju unni, anticipate it~~~*^^*”.

The above entry was accompanied by a short clip of Bom doing Taeyang’s ‘Only Look At Me‘.

Source: Park Bom’s me2day