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Lee Min Jung talks about hardships in her acting career

During a recent recording of tvN ‘E NEWS Behind Star’, actress Lee Min Jung, who is currently receiving explosive interest in Korea for her acting and CF deals, talked about hardships during her debut days.

“When I first debuted, the public response was little and showed no interest, and I thought of quitting my acting career. But ever since my role in ‘Boys Over Flowers, I obtained a lot of strength from the good public response,” expressed Lee Min Jung.

The actress also addressed her later-than-average debut in the acting world. “I first challenged myself with acting at 23 through a theater play, and at 25, I contracted with an entertainment company and began my broadcasting activites. After walking a different path to start my acting career, I had a comparatively late debut when compared to others.”

During the interview, Lee Min Jung shared a story about getting shouted at by a director during her debut days. “I couldn’t act to my director’s satisfaction, and he ended up shouting at me very loudly during the middle of filming. When I went home that day, I cried a lot.”

She has certainly come a long way to get to where she is now, but given her recent rise to prominence and fresh look, I don’t think many realize that she will be 28 in a couple months.

Source: Korean Economy