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2NE1’s album hits #1 in the Philippines

When 2NE1’s highly-anticipated first album hit shelves back in September of last year, no one predicted that it would achieve the explosive results that it did.

With a staggering amount of pre-orders, over a million YouTube views for each of their triple title-track MVs, and a triple-crown win, the ladies of 2NE1 can add yet another accomplishment to their ever-expanding resume.

According to data compiled by the Philippines’ music retailers, Astrochart/Astrovision, 2NE1’s album “To Anyone“, became a #1 best-seller! Not only that, but their “First Mini-Album Re-package (CD+DVD)” also claimed the #2 spot on the chart.

The girls wanted to personally thank their Filipino Blackjacks for making this achievement possible, so they uploaded a video expressing their thanks in Tagalog.

Check it out below!


2NE1: Mabuhay Philippines! Wassup, we 2NE1!

Dara: Thank you to all of our Filipino Blackjacks for supporting us. We hope that you will continue to support our new album, “To Anyone.” Mahal namin kayo! (We love you all!)

Bom: Mahal (ko) kayo! (I love you all!)

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Lee Min Ho surprisingly says, “I wanted to be like Bakjiseong.”

January 19, 2011 2:21 pm embassador

Seoul, Korea – Actor Lee Min Ho talked on a dream he had had in childhood.

Lee Min Ho recently talked about how he had been doing lately at an MBC morning talk show, ‘A pleasant day.’ Lee Min Ho, who got recognized for his acting ability by winning an acting award with a MBC drama ‘A personal taste,’ is currently preparing for the next one in which to star.


During the show said he, “When I was a child, I wanted to be a soccer player. Specifically, I wished to be an excellent player just like the player Bakjiseong.” Telling this, he also unveiled his growth process from the past.


As actresses he worked in perfect harmony with, he pointed out actresses Lee Min Jung and Son Ye Jin. As the one with whom he wants to work later on, he mentioned actress Jeon Do Yeon.


Not only that, but Lee Min Ho’s best friend Jeong Il U, and actress Son Ye Jin who worked with him for the drama ‘A personal taste,’ talked about what they had in mind on Lee Min Ho.


The true stories of Lee Min Ho including his growth process and latest news will be revealed to the public through the MBC talk show ‘A pleasant day’ at 9:45 am on the upcoming 19th.


By Cheon Gyeong Jin (


Source: reviewstar (Original article in Korean)

Photo from reviewstar

Translated by Bit Na Choi / via BBF International Facebook Page


Lee Min-ho “I want to act with Jeon Do-yeon as my older girlfriend” confesses

Actor Lee Min-ho chose Jeon Do-yeon as the actress he most wants to act with.

Lee Min-ho spoke about this, being on MBC “Good Day”.

Lee Min-ho proved his acting skills in the MBC Acting Awards last year, receiving the Best Actor Award and after MBC “Personal Taste”, he is preparing for his next project.


He confessed, “It’s true we have a big age gap but I would like to act with Jeon Do-yeon with her as my older girlfriend”. He also picked Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-jeong as the actresses he worked best with.


This day, Lee Min-ho spoke about Park Myeong-soo as the best person to parody Koo Joon-pyo, and he also spoke about his best friends Jeong Il-woo. Son Ye-jin and Kim Soo-ro also talked about Lee Min-ho.


Source :… ( Korean )

Translation : Hancinema via BBF International Facebook Page


Lee Min Ho is searching for a girlfriend

Ladies, if you’re bold without being abrasive, then step right up because actor Lee Min Ho revealed that he’s thinking about dating.

During his “Entertainment Weekly“ interview on January 15th, the reporter asked, “Don’t you want to have a girlfriend?

Min Ho replied, “I want to date, but I don’t go out to a lot of places. I always meet the same people, so I don’t have a chance to meet someone new.

Seizing the opportunity, the reporter said: “Then try a reporter from ‘Entertainment Weekly’.” Responding with an awkward laugh, Lee Min Ho managed to side-step around the situation.

It was also revealed that Lee Min Ho has a bit of a confidence issue with his kissing ability. “I’m not very good at kissing,” he confessed, but then he later mentioned, “I think female actresses were quite satisfied with my kiss scenes.

Source + Photo: Newsen via Daum, W Korea

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Kim Hyun Joong is the new model for “Hang Ten Korea”

SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as the 2011 model for casual clothing brand, “Hang Ten Korea.”

Director Jung Yong Ha of “Hang Ten Korea” revealed on January 12th, “Kim Hyun Joong was chosen for the brand because they felt that his image and public popularity would fit well in expressing the casual quality of the clothing. His warm and trendy charms allow him to depict a variety of different styles and fashions. His worth as a global Hallyu star will greatly help the brand increase its popularity.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s year-long contract will begin with their Spring photoshoot. He’s also going to participate in the brand’s annual environmental campaign, “Save the Earth“.

Aside from his advertisement filming, Kim Hyun Joong is currently enjoying his break from “Playful Kiss“, while preparing for his solo album.

Source + Photos: Star News via allkpop

Jang Geun Suk comments on his own news articles regarding the airport chaos

Actor Jang Geun Suk, who is currently busy with yet another CF, recently left some comments on his own news articles regarding the chaos he encountered at the two airports he visited.

The actor left for China on January 2nd, and he was greeted at the arrival section by hundreds of fans who were waiting with gifts.  After wrapping up filming in China, Jang Geun Suk made his way over to Thailand on the 5th, where he was greeted by hundreds of fans once more.

Jang Geun Suk directly commented on the articles, “From the 2nd to the 5th, from China to Thailand, busy with filming for local ads and I felt paralyzed at the airports.

He later added, “I really wanted to try some of the kimchi stew, but it was just too crazy.

Netizens questioned the validity of the comments, and if they really came from Jang Geun Suk himself. Agency officials replied back, confirming that it was indeed himself writing the comments.

Source: TVReport via Daum credit to allkpop

Jang Geun Suk greeted by thousands of fans in China and Thailand

Actor Jang Geun Suk began his promotions in Asia this year, starting with China on January 2nd.

The actor made a visit to the country for a CF shoot and other scheduled activities, and was greeted by hundreds of fans holding placards and gifts at the airport.

After completing his schedules, he left for Thailand on the 5th, and was greeted by hundreds of fans once more.  Police were forced to make an appearance on the scene in order to handle the crowd.

He’ll be holding a press conference with various Thai press on the 8th.

Source + Photos: Newsen via allkpop


Saranghae – Sabrina Lyircs


MCA Music Releases the Soundtrack to “Perfect Match” (CD+DVD)

Release Date: Week of December 6, 2010
Price: P459 only

Asianovela superstar, Lee Min Ho, popularly known in the country as Gu Jun Pyo, in the phenomenal idol drama Boys Over Flowers, is back on primetime alongside Korea’s Queen of Drama Son Ye Jin to bring you a different kind of love story in ABS-CBN’s newest soap PERFECT MATCH.

The soundtrack for “Perfect Match” features a local adaptation of the Korean soap, with renditions of the theme song “Ito ang Pangako Ko” sung by Nyoy Volante, with another version from Sabrina respectively, as well as other tracks “Saranghe” by Sabrina, “Can’t Believe It,” “My Heart is Touched” and more. The special release also comes with a bonus dvd of selected tracks and videos.

So, here’s the lyrics of Saranghae by Sabrina

Saranghae – Sabrina


Dahil sa piling mo’y lagi, kay saya ng aking puso

Para bang ako’y nasa langit na

Ang paligid ay ligaya

Kung ito ma’y panaginip

Ay ayoko nang magising

Ang pag-ibig ko’y patuloy

At aaminin ko sa’yo saranghae



Gusto ko mang gawin

Ang pagpigil sa damdamin ay napakahirap nga naman



Pag nakakasama ka

Lalo lang aong nangangamba

Ba’t di ko masabi na



Lagi kang nasa isipan ko

At ‘wag ka sanang lalayo



Dahil sa piling mo’y lagi, kay saya ng aking puso

Para bang ako’y nasa langit na

Ang paligid ay ligaya

Kung ito ma’y panaginip

Ay ayoko nang magising

Ang pag-ibig ko’y patuloy

At aaminin ko sa’yo saranghae



Talagang ibang-iba

Na itong aking nadarama

Sana’y ‘wag nang matapos pa



Ngunit ‘pag nahalata

Ay wala na ‘kong magagawa

Aaminin ko na



Lagi kang nasa isipan ko

At ‘wag ka sanang lalayo



Dahil sa piling mo’y lagi, kay saya ng aking puso

Para bang ako’y nasa langit na

Ang paligid ay ligaya

Kung ito ma’y panaginip

Ay ayoko nang magising

Ang pag-ibig ko’y patuloy

At aaminin ko sa’yo saranghae



Dahil d’yan lang sa piling mo

Nabubuhay ang puso ko

Natutong umibig

Sana ay ingatang tunay


At sana kung sakali man

Tayo ay mapagbigyan

Na magkatuluyan

Ako ay sa’yo lamang



Dahil sa piling mo’y lagi, kay saya ng aking puso

Para bang ako’y nasa langit na

Ang paligid ay ligaya

Kung ito ma’y panaginip

Ay ayoko nang magising

Ang pag-ibig ko’y patuloy

At aaminin ko sa’yo mahal kita.

Words (Saranghae lyrics) by Arnie Mendaros

Source and Credit to PM’s Original Sountrack

Lee Min Jung texts often with 2AM’s Seulong

Actress Lee Min Jung recently opened up about her surprising relationships during an appearance onKBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date.”

On January 1st, she revealed that she has gotten closer with 2AM’s Seulong after he chose her as his ideal woman, and even chose him as the person she sends texts to the most.  She then introducedBrown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeob as a close friend she often goes out drinking with, impressing many with her close ties to the music industry.

When asked about whether she knew she’d become the top star she is now, she replied, “I never knew I would become a top star.  But you do have to become a ’star’ in order to film in projects you want.  My family is always careful with me, and although they have positive views, there’s a lot of concerns.”

At the mention of her sweeping various rookie awards at the year-end awards ceremony in 2010, she replied, “Actor Um Tae Woong told me, ‘You must be happy, why don’t you give me one?’”

Lee Min Jung’s segment was concluded with her New Year wish, in which she stated, “I’d like for my new projects to achieve great results and to hopefully meet my life partner.  I want to take on stronger and more depressing roles this year.  It’d be great if I could star in a movie like ‘Once.’

Source + Photos: TV ReportBNT NewsStar News

credit to allkpop