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Lee Min Ho surprisingly says, “I wanted to be like Bakjiseong.”

January 19, 2011 2:21 pm embassador

Seoul, Korea – Actor Lee Min Ho talked on a dream he had had in childhood.

Lee Min Ho recently talked about how he had been doing lately at an MBC morning talk show, ‘A pleasant day.’ Lee Min Ho, who got recognized for his acting ability by winning an acting award with a MBC drama ‘A personal taste,’ is currently preparing for the next one in which to star.


During the show said he, “When I was a child, I wanted to be a soccer player. Specifically, I wished to be an excellent player just like the player Bakjiseong.” Telling this, he also unveiled his growth process from the past.


As actresses he worked in perfect harmony with, he pointed out actresses Lee Min Jung and Son Ye Jin. As the one with whom he wants to work later on, he mentioned actress Jeon Do Yeon.


Not only that, but Lee Min Ho’s best friend Jeong Il U, and actress Son Ye Jin who worked with him for the drama ‘A personal taste,’ talked about what they had in mind on Lee Min Ho.


The true stories of Lee Min Ho including his growth process and latest news will be revealed to the public through the MBC talk show ‘A pleasant day’ at 9:45 am on the upcoming 19th.


By Cheon Gyeong Jin (


Source: reviewstar (Original article in Korean)

Photo from reviewstar

Translated by Bit Na Choi / via BBF International Facebook Page



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