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Kim Hyun Joong is the new model for “Hang Ten Korea”

SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as the 2011 model for casual clothing brand, “Hang Ten Korea.”

Director Jung Yong Ha of “Hang Ten Korea” revealed on January 12th, “Kim Hyun Joong was chosen for the brand because they felt that his image and public popularity would fit well in expressing the casual quality of the clothing. His warm and trendy charms allow him to depict a variety of different styles and fashions. His worth as a global Hallyu star will greatly help the brand increase its popularity.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s year-long contract will begin with their Spring photoshoot. He’s also going to participate in the brand’s annual environmental campaign, “Save the Earth“.

Aside from his advertisement filming, Kim Hyun Joong is currently enjoying his break from “Playful Kiss“, while preparing for his solo album.

Source + Photos: Star News via allkpop

Lee Si Young shows off her sultry side in lingerie

Lee Si Young recently stripped off layers of clothing for the camera and revealed her sensual side.

Lee filmed an alluring yet provocative photo shoot for fashion magazine Esquire’s December issue. Lee, who has developed a more mature image after losing weight from her successful boxing diet, posed in a risqué leopard patterned minidress and fur shawl. She even laid down on the floor and revealed her thighs.

A representative from the photo shoot said, “The staff applauded her for understanding the chic fashion made from the powerful red, black, and leopard theme. Her body, toned from boxing, really shined this time.

Lee Si Young is currently active as an MC for KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” after having finished filming for MBC’s “Playful Kiss“.

Source: Sports Chosun

Photos: Esquire



JYP Nation to release Christmas carol single

The artists of JYP Entertainment will be coming together for the first time to release a Christmas carol single.

A representative of JYPE stated, “Park Jinyoung, the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, San E, JOO, Lim Jung Hee and others will be working together to release a carol single in December.

Although SME and YGE of the ‘big 3′ already released group event albums, this is the first time JYPE artists are doing so.

The representative continued, “Each of the artists are busy with their own schedules but are making sure to create time for this album as a gift to their fans. The album is currently in production.”

Park Jinyoung will be heading the composing and writing of the tracks.

Source + Photos: Osen via Nate

JYP Entertainment launches official twitter account


Various members from JYP Entertainment groups including the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and miss A have hopped aboard the twitter bandwagon.

Now, we’ve received official confirmation from JYP Entertainment as they’ve now become the first of the big three Korean entertainment companies (JYP, SM, YG) to join twitter. You can follow their account @JYPEOFFICIAL.

Make sure to follow them for updates from all your favorite JYP Entertainment artists!


Source: Allkpop

JYP Entertainment family titles itself “JYP Nation”

Another large-scale division has emerged in the industry to follow the steps of SM Entertainment’s “SM Town” and YG Entertainment’s “YG Family.”

The artists of JYP Entertainment have come together under the name “JYP Nation.”

YGE and SME have both branded their division names for yearly concerts and overseas activities. For a while, JYPE artists didn’t have a name to unite them under one team like the former two did until they recently came up with the name “JYP Nation.”

2PM, the Wonder Girls, miss A and other JYPE artists seem to be welcoming the new title, withTaecyeon tweeting on November 11th, “The JYP family finally has a title now!! JYP Nation!! I’m extremely glad that we finally have a title like this now!! From now on, we’re JYP Nation!! I was totally jealous of YG Family and SM Town, this is awesome.

The agency will be using “JYP Nation” as the title of their first collaborative concert this Christmas.

The artists of JYP Entertainment will be coming together under the name of ‘JYP Nation’ on December 24th for an agency concert titled ‘TEAMPLAY.’ It’ll be a concert worth watching for the 2010 year, please anticipate it,” said a representative of JYP Entertainment.

Source + Photo: MyDaily


Vacation Ends

Today is the last day of my vacation. I feel sad (’cause I’ll miss the things that I can’t do during school days), but things aren’t permanent and that’s the reality of life, so I have to enjoy this day before facing new challenges in school and in life.

I went to church (’cause it’s Sunday here and that’s the first thing I did today).  I worship and praise God and I enjoy doing that.

After I went to church, me and my cousin decided to go to mall to buy school supplies. We went there together with our two other friends. We didn’t expect to spent almost 4 hours there sitting, eating and talking to each other. Ha ha

I’m wondering what will happen tomorrow during our first day of our class. (I hope that we’ll have fun).

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Happy Birthday

Today (Asian time), is the birthday of my dearest sister and grandmother. Early in the morning, we went to market to buy some ingredients for the menu that my aunt cooked earlier. My aunt also bought cakes, flowers and ice cream.

We had a family gathering (and a riot? ha ha just kidding) few hours ago. (The party started at almost 7pm in the evening).

My birthday message for you is: “A birthday is not just a year OLDER, but a year BETTER.” (Always remember that okay?)

Here’s the picture of their cakes:

My Grandma’s cake


My sister’s cake


The expenses was sponsored by our relatives in Japan and Canada. Thank you so much for all of your support. Take care always and God bless you more.

Hm, yummy!

This day is a blessing for me ’cause God gave me another life, so I went to church. Although I’m a little bit tired, I’m too blessed!

After I went there (in church), my cousin gave me a cookies and cream flavor of chocolate. She was so sweet (at that time. he he) ’cause I didn’t expect her to do that.

Here’s the White Chocolate brand:


The chocolate was from her mom. Just sharing what it looks like.