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Philippine Teasers of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (also called “First Love”) is a Romantic-Comedy starring Mario Maurer and Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon which was seen on Thai theaters last August 2010.

This June 2011 (rumors said that June 4 to be exact), the said Thai Movie will invade Philippines through their televisions. Abs-cbn got the rights to air this Thai Movie.

Are you excited Filipino fans of Mario and Baifern?

Here are the teasers to excite you more.

First Teaser

Second Teaser

Third Teaser

Fourth Teaser (Full Trailer)

Here’s a photo to be the proof that the movie will air on abs-cbn.

Actually, I already watched this movie months after it was aired in Thailand and before in the Philippines. Thanks to a fan of one of my Korean Drama pages that I managed, I knew this movie through him. So, I dedicate my post to you.

I’ll never stop liking and watching this movie over and over again. How about you?

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates about the drama and the casts, ’cause at this moment, I’m totally CRAZY about them! haha :D. Actually, I managed different pages about them already.

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love on Philippine TV!

First Love: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai: สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า..รัก) is a 2010 Thai romantic-comedy drama film starring Mario Maurer and Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon.

Due to insisting public demand of the Filipinos, Abs-cbn (a Philippine TV Network) decided to got the rights to air the movie. Yet, airing date of the movie is undecided.

Here’s the Philippine Movie Teaser:


The film is centered on a plain-looking, dark-skinned school girl named Nam (Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon) who is secretly in love with an olderGrade 10 guy named Shone (Mario Maurer). Chon is a photography enthusiast and a popular student in their school. However, he is often teased by some of his schoolmates because his father didn’t score the penalty kick and made their province lose in a national football cup. But that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of girls in their school are going crazy over him, including Nam. However, Nam is well aware that she is not the prettiest of the bunch, but she doesn’t give up easily. With help from her close girl friends, Nam tries everything to make herself more beautiful and outstanding in school, hoping that Shone would like her someday.

Kim Haneul and Jang Geun Suk to star in a New Movie

Actress Kim Haneul has a new pet in the form of Jang Geun Suk!

Kim Haneul and Jang Geun Suk will star in a new film titled, “You are My Pet,” a story about growing up through understanding and caring for one another as pet owner and her pet. The original story was written by the Japanese writer Yayoi Ogawa and was later adapted into a popular TBSdrama starring Matsumoto Jun.

FT Island’s Lee Hongki confirmed Kim Hyo Jin’s tweet earlier today that announced the main cast members of the upcoming Korean film that also includes fellow FT Island member Choi Jong Hun.

In the film, Kim Haneul plays ‘Eunee,’ a beautiful and successful woman who is socially awkward. Jang Geun Suk plays ‘Inho,’ an aspiring danseur / ballerino extremely popular amongst women. Through certain circumstances, Inho will live with Eunee as her pet and display various sides of a pretty boy.

According to Kim Hyo Jin’s tweet, a press conference for the production will take place on March 3rd at Ibaraki Airport. The filming will begin in May in both Korea and Japan.

Source: Movie Week, @skullhong, @jonekimhyojin via allkpop


Yoon Eun Hye is hospitalized, takes a break from “My Black Minidress”

With the health of idols and their poor working conditions being a hot topic lately, it seems as if actresses aren’t exempt from the issue as well. Yoon Eun Hye alerted fans of her health condition by uploading photos of herself getting an IV treatment through her personal Twitter.

On December 26th, she wrote, “I slept for three hours at the hospital before going to the filming set in a daze.  We filmed a few cuts and the director said that I shouldn’t film today ㅠ-ㅠ.  This was the first time I canceled filming because I was sick, so it’s making me tear up a bit and definitely feel sorry for the staff!  I should never be sick!…”

A few hours later, she added, “I’m getting an IV treatment to get better fast.  I’ll be sleeping here tonight and getting better!  Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and return to being the strong and healthy ‘Yumin’~!  Please pray for me and ‘My Black Minidress.‘  I’ll get this IV and go to sleep...”

Fans expressed their upset feelings after seeing her exhausted face and commented, “Please get better soon,” “You have to take care of your health!,” and “That’s not a sel-ca, is it?

“My Black Minidress” is an upcoming movie scheduled to release March of 2011 and features actresses such as Park Han Byul, Cha Ye Ryun, Yoo In Na, and Lee Yong Woo.

Source: TV Daily via Nate