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Last Day of School before Christmas Vacation

Yesterday was the last day of our examination in school, so we decided to have a Christmas Party in our class president’s house few kilometers away in our school.

Our examination started and ended early, so we bought some food in a supermarket near on our classmate’s house. It took almost two hours before we finish buying the foods that we’re going to eat.

Finally, we arrived on our classmate’s house at 3pm (but before that, we walk almost half kilometer to reach their house. it was tiring right?)

During our stay, some of my classmates decided to sleep in our classmate’s room to take some rest (’cause our examination started early as I said a while ago), some were watching TV, cooking and texting. What I did was to take a stolen photo of them and I enjoyed it a lot. Ha ha

While the food was still preparing, they decided to sing (’cause my classmate had a karaoke in their house) and I took some photos and videos of them while they were singing.

Our food was already prepared almost dinner time. The fact is, they were the one to cooked it and it was so delicious.

After that, we took pictures together before some of them will go to a resort (to have an over night stay there)

Our party ended almost 8pm in the evening.

All I can say is, I was not so happy with the party that we made comparing to the last one. Everything changes right? But, I didn’t expect this change a lot.

Perfect Match Philippines OST

Here’s the perfect Christmas present for Perfect Match fans.
MCA Music will be releasing the Perfect Match soundtrack early December. Aside from the fact that it also includes a Bonus DVD with music videos of 5 songs, it also includes tracks from OPM artists like Nyoy Volante and Sabrina which were used in the locally dubbed version of the drama.

Album: Perfect Match OST
Artist: Various
Genre: Soundtrack
1. Can’t Believe It – Younha
2. Dropping Rain – Kim Tae-Woo
3. My Heart Is Touched – SeeYa
4. The Wings – Kim Tae Woo
5. Creating Love – 4Minute
6. Like A Fool – 2AM
7. Saranghae (Can’t Believe It Adaptation) – Sabrina
8. Ito Ang Pangako Ko (Dropping Rain Adaptation) – Nyoy Volante
9. Ito Ang Pangako ko (Dropping Rain Adaptation) – Sabrina
10. King Of The Bees
11. Strange Feeling
12. King Of The Bees (Piano version)
13. Like A Fool (Instrumental)
14. Creating Love (Instrumental Guitar)
15. The Wings (Instrumental)
16. My Heart Is Touched (instrumental)
17. Dropping Rain (Instrumental Violin)
18. Can’t Believe It (instrumental Piano)

Bonus DVD (Music Videos):
1. Can’t Believe It
2. Dropping Rain
3. My Heart Is Touched
4. The Wings
5. Creating Love

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Yoon Eun Hye puckers up on Twitter

Yoon Eun Hye recently uploaded a few pictures of her giving a kiss to a Minnie Mouse glove while wearing the matching ears and a muffler.

Two sets of pictures were revealed on her Twitter, with the second being of her delivering an eclectic cut of eye expressions and quirky mouth poses.

Netizens thought she looked very much like girl group trio Orange Caramel, commenting, “So very lovely!” and “Melting with cuteness.”

Source + Photos: Star News

Does 2NE1’s Minzy look like a koala?

A photo of 2NE1’s Minzy at the hair salon is receiving a lot of attention on community fan sites. A fan posted the pictures with the title, “Bean Minzy“, but others are saying she looks more like a koala.

The photos showed Minzy in a white gown with a fluffy hair style, and an expression that seemed to tell us she had something to say.

Netizens commented, “She looks like a koala. Keke,” “Cute. Keke,” “Is she supposed to be not pretty?”, and “If she wasn’t a celebrity…”.

Source + Photo: Nate


“And in this corner…”: Boxer Dara and her cookie mouth guard

The November 16th airing of Mnet’s 2NE1 TV“, the final episode revealed what went on behind-the-scenes for Dara’s surprise birthday party on the 12th.

In order to pull off the party and the hidden filming, CL, Minzy, and Bom had a secret rendezvous in the dressing room before Dara came in to change. Immediately after changing, Dara put a chocolate cookie in her mouth and posed as a boxer for the camera. Although she gave a menacing scowl, Dara still looked very cute with her distinctive facial expressions.

One netizen complimented, “She can pull off ten thousand different facial expressions”, expressing their endearment of Dara’s acting.

Source: Nate


10asia magazine releases the first idol encyclopedia, “10+idol”


10asia‘ magazine recently published their own idol magazine, “10+idol“, which features the greatest idols that have represented Korean entertainment in 2010. Naturally, the idols chosen reflect only the opinion of the magazine.

The book contains various articles, interviews, and pictures of idol activities throughout the year. Indeed, the magazine proudly proclaimed itself as the “2010 idol white book/encyclopedia.”

16 different idols are represented in its pages: SHINee, Taeyang, Jay Park, Rain, 2AM, SNSD, T.O.P., Wonder Girls, f(x), Jung Yong Hwa, miss A, B2ST, MBLAQ, SECRET, INFINTE, andOrange Caramel.

Profiles of each idol were listed, along with fun, cute questions that aimed to reveal a bit more about their personalities and backgrounds.

With idols leading the new K-pop Hallyu trend in Asia and the world, 10asia stated, “Viewing the various aspects of idols each year through 10Asia’s ‘10+idol’ will allow this to become one of the greatest idol history books for South Korea in the future.”

Beginning today, “10+idol” can be purchased for 9,900 KRW ($8.90 USD) through various online shopping sites, including Yes24, Interpark, Aladdin, 11th Street, Gmall, and Gmarket.

Source + Photos: 10asia

Sandara Park vs. Park Bom: “The Sleeping Beauty” vs. “The Homeless

The sleeping images of 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom have been drawing attention lately.

On November 9th, fellow member Park Bom uploaded the photo seen above and wrote on her me2day,“A sleeping rabbit, she is currently taking a journey to dream land.”

In the photo, Sandara can be seen lying on the sofa, tightly holding onto a bright red cushion. The way she has her lips zipped closed has earned her the nickname, “The Sleeping Beauty”.

Netizens responded with a variety of comments, such as, “Are you sleeping without even taking off your makeup? That will harm your skin~”, “She’s an angel even when she’s sleeping”, “If a prince saw this, he’d run up to her and kiss her~ Even her sleeping image is a photo shoot”, “What are you dreaming?”

Meanwhile, on the same day, in contrast to Dara’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ image, Dara uploaded a picture of Park Bom sleeping much like ‘The Homeless’.

Dara commented on her me2day, “You don’t see us much in broadcasts, but we’re very busy all the same. The members have been taking turns in falling into deep sleeps. This picture of Park Bom sleeping was taken a few days ago in the Inkigayo waiting room.”

In response to the picture, netizens replied, “You’ll get sick if you sleep in cold places”, “I guess just because you’re not seen on broadcasts doesn’t mean you’re resting either. It’s been cold lately, so stay on top of your health, fighting”, “She looks like a doll when she sleeps”, “You can’t sleep anywhere like a homeless.”

Source + Photos: TV Daily, My Star News


‘Playful Kiss’ reveals Seung Jo’s Diary on YouTube

MBC’s ‘Playful Kiss‘ came to an end on the 21st of October. The drama went against some tough competition and suffered in the ratings department. Despite that, the show grew a small die-hard fan base and they were quite disappointed to see the show end so soon. However, that disappointment was somewhat turned around when there was news stating that Playful Kiss would continue airing via special episodes through video sharing website Youtube.

This past week, they’ve released various specials through the YouTube channel ytkiss and now two special diaries featuring Seung Jo have been revealed.

You can view English subs utilizing the cc button on the YouTube player.

Source: ytkiss

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Dong Hae visit Hyun Seung Min’s restaurant

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, and Dong Hae recently stopped by singer Hyun Seung Min’s new restaurant in order to celebrate its opening.

On November 5th, Heechul tweeted, “‘H (also known as Hyun Seung Min),’ the singer behind ‘Did You Forget‘, with his new store, ‘Stomach Bursting Fried Chicken.’ Together: Lee Teuk, Dong Hae, me, and Hyun Seung Min hyung!! Chicken chicken~ Soy sauce chicken felt good keke. Shall we go, go, go for soy sauce fried chicken?

Netizens that viewed the picture commented, “Ah! This person! I know him! H! Eat well~” and “This is my first time hearing of soy sauce chicken! I want to try it! Chicken and beer is the best, where is that store?

Source: TV Daily
Photo: Twitter