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Sandara receives birthday presents from fellow 2NE1 members

2NE1’s Sandara Park celebrated her birthday yesterday, and she’s just revealed the presents she’s received from her fellow members.

On November 13th, this cute idol expressed her gratitude through the official 2NE1 me2day, “Yesterday I received presents from the members. As expected, the members know best about the things I like most”. Dara posted pictures of some of her presents, including a hat, sneakers, training clothes and a t-shirt.

Dara also thanked the members as she wrote, “I will use these very well. Thanks guys.” For reference, Sandara was born on November 12, 1984.

It looks like she had a great birthday this year. Best of luck, Dara!

Source + Photo Credits: Nate News


2NE1 throws Sandara a surprise birthday party

2NE1 members threw Sandara Park her very own surprise 26th birthday party on November 12th.

Dara uploaded a picture of the festive event on her me2DAY, and it certainly looks like all four members had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday.

She wrote, “Ah~ I’m so happy! Today, I will be able to film all night with a smile. I got cake on my face. I have to film stuff, so what do I do about the makeup? Anyways, thanks guys for making me laugh”

Happy birthday, Dara!

Source: Sports Today

Happy Birthday

Today (Asian time), is the birthday of my dearest sister and grandmother. Early in the morning, we went to market to buy some ingredients for the menu that my aunt cooked earlier. My aunt also bought cakes, flowers and ice cream.

We had a family gathering (and a riot? ha ha just kidding) few hours ago. (The party started at almost 7pm in the evening).

My birthday message for you is: “A birthday is not just a year OLDER, but a year BETTER.” (Always remember that okay?)

Here’s the picture of their cakes:

My Grandma’s cake


My sister’s cake


The expenses was sponsored by our relatives in Japan and Canada. Thank you so much for all of your support. Take care always and God bless you more.