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Hillsong United Aftermath Tour 2011

This 2011, Hillsong has an Asian Tour again. I wanna go on one of their tours. How about you? As a Christian, I wanna see how blessed they are!

Here are the ticket prices:

For more info, check their website:

If you wanna blessed too, get tickets now!

– Phoebe (Proud to be Christian! haha :D)

Hillsong LIVE (2011 Recording)

It’s not a new thing for people to be brought together around song. Songs of triumph, songs of plight and songs that speak of what we have in common. It’s one of the great traditions of The Church throughout the ages. It brings us into agreement with God and one another.

The first “worship” song we have on record, is the song of Exodus 15. The people of God are fleeing slavery in Egypt, with Pharoah’s army hot on their heels.  You know the story; they find themselves cornered, when God parts the seas and delivers His people under miraculous circumstances! And literally, the first thing they do is stop and sing…

“I’m singing my heart out to God—what a victory! He pitched horse and rider into the sea. God is my strength, God is my song, and, yes! God is my salvation…”

On November the 7th, 2010, as a church, we paused for a moment to consider and celebrate all that God has been doing across the life of our church.  That night represented the coming together of Hillsong Church from different campuses, services and even cities, as we were joined by some of our team from London, Kiev, Cape Town, Paris, Stockholm and New York.

As our church filled the Sydney Entertainment Centre, they were met with what I think is some of the most creative staging and lighting that our team has produced to date. (Tip of the hat to Nath Taylor, who is pretty much a genius).

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From the first song to the last, it was like a summary of our year as a church, as the songs that had given expression to who God is and what He has done were sung at full volume by our church.

Thanks to all who joined us for the 12 days of prayer leading up to the night. If you missed it, you can read the messages from some of our team here (LIVE Team Prayer Notes)… There’s some great thoughts in there.

As we now work to get the album ready for it’s release in July 2011 and I listen back on the night itself, I’m reassured that this album brings a fresh sound and expression to our worship and that the songs are as strong as they’ve ever been.

We have an album title…But I can’t tell you yet…what I can say, is it’s going to be worth the wait!


Check out the ’12 Days of Prayer’ blog about the lead up to this album recording: Click here to read.

For more information about Hillsong LIVE including albums and tour dates, please visit




Hillsong’s New Song!


Free MP3 from our new Hillsong CHAPEL ‘Yahweh’ album, as a little THANK YOU to you, our loyal facebook friends. Click here: and enter this PROMO CODE: ‘Facebook’. Enjoy.

Source: Hillsong Live’s Facebook Page

Vacation Ends

Today is the last day of my vacation. I feel sad (’cause I’ll miss the things that I can’t do during school days), but things aren’t permanent and that’s the reality of life, so I have to enjoy this day before facing new challenges in school and in life.

I went to church (’cause it’s Sunday here and that’s the first thing I did today).  I worship and praise God and I enjoy doing that.

After I went to church, me and my cousin decided to go to mall to buy school supplies. We went there together with our two other friends. We didn’t expect to spent almost 4 hours there sitting, eating and talking to each other. Ha ha

I’m wondering what will happen tomorrow during our first day of our class. (I hope that we’ll have fun).

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Hillsong United News

On Sunday night in the Sydney Entertainment Center the Hillsong family comes together to record our annual Hillsong Live album. Team representing our Cape town, Stockholm, and London worship centers will be joining us & Reuben and the @hillsonglive team. Please keep us in your prayers as we also launch a new community …initiative called: “Stuff the Bus” For more information go to



(12 days of prayer leading up to our LIVE album recording)


As I pray for the team this weekend, and as I ask the Holy Spirit to please come and have His way.. this scripture keeps overwhelming me in the most beautiful way.. Psalm 141 :2.. ‘ May my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.


Lord we pray that our offering is pleasing unto You, that as You fill the earth with Your presence, You will again be evidenced in the most Holy way in our midst. We pray that as these songs of worship and praise are declared, that the enemy will shrink back as Your glorious light shines brighter and brighter. The fragrance of Your presence is indescribable, but may we be saturated through and through.. glory to glory. strength to strength. And may You, only You our Lord and King, receive ALL glory, ALL honour and ALL the praise, in Your most beautiful and Holy name….




Darlene Zschech


Source: Hillsong Live Facebook Page


Hineni’s Pre-event