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(12 days of prayer leading up to our LIVE album recording)


As I pray for the team this weekend, and as I ask the Holy Spirit to please come and have His way.. this scripture keeps overwhelming me in the most beautiful way.. Psalm 141 :2.. ‘ May my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.


Lord we pray that our offering is pleasing unto You, that as You fill the earth with Your presence, You will again be evidenced in the most Holy way in our midst. We pray that as these songs of worship and praise are declared, that the enemy will shrink back as Your glorious light shines brighter and brighter. The fragrance of Your presence is indescribable, but may we be saturated through and through.. glory to glory. strength to strength. And may You, only You our Lord and King, receive ALL glory, ALL honour and ALL the praise, in Your most beautiful and Holy name….




Darlene Zschech


Source: Hillsong Live Facebook Page