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4minute & G.NA wish their fans a happy Valentine’s Day!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, labelmates 4minute and G.NA gave their fans heartwarming video messages through their official YouTube channels!

Like the Hallyu stars that they are, 4minute greeted their international fans in their respective languages, asking every fan to be their valentine. On an individual scale, leader Jihyun greeted fans through 4minute’s official fancafe, while maknae Sohyun reached out through her personal Twitter, completing the girls’ ’six language’ love confession.

The group concluded with, “We love you, we miss you all!  Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Meanwhile, G.NA greeted her fans in fluent English and gave shoutouts to her international fanbase. Expressing her desire to hopefully meet them all soon, the idol wrapped up by cutely asking her fans if they would be her valentine.

Source: Sports Today via Nate and allkpop


Last Day of School before Christmas Vacation

Yesterday was the last day of our examination in school, so we decided to have a Christmas Party in our class president’s house few kilometers away in our school.

Our examination started and ended early, so we bought some food in a supermarket near on our classmate’s house. It took almost two hours before we finish buying the foods that we’re going to eat.

Finally, we arrived on our classmate’s house at 3pm (but before that, we walk almost half kilometer to reach their house. it was tiring right?)

During our stay, some of my classmates decided to sleep in our classmate’s room to take some rest (’cause our examination started early as I said a while ago), some were watching TV, cooking and texting. What I did was to take a stolen photo of them and I enjoyed it a lot. Ha ha

While the food was still preparing, they decided to sing (’cause my classmate had a karaoke in their house) and I took some photos and videos of them while they were singing.

Our food was already prepared almost dinner time. The fact is, they were the one to cooked it and it was so delicious.

After that, we took pictures together before some of them will go to a resort (to have an over night stay there)

Our party ended almost 8pm in the evening.

All I can say is, I was not so happy with the party that we made comparing to the last one. Everything changes right? But, I didn’t expect this change a lot.

Bae Yong Joon, SS501’s Hyun Joong, and more attend Smile Project in Japan

Original Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon and ‘Little Yonsama’, Kim Hyun Joong, successfully held a joint stage together.

Over 3,000 fans attended DATV’s charitable event, called “‘SMILE PROJECT’ charity program ‘Message! to Asia’“, which was held on December 14th in the Tokyo Dome.

Kim Hyun Joong opened the event with his performance of ‘The Strength of a Smile’, which was produced by Japan’s famous producer, Komuro Tetsuya.

Hyun Joong’s performance was followed by stages from artists Hwanhee, D.NA, SHU-I, Joe Cheng, Vanness Wu, GACKT, and of course, Bae Yong Joon.

After this event, Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon attended the ceremony held later in the afternoon at the JCB Hall. The ceremony was wrapped up with a special photo-taking session with their fans. The fans were honored to see the two together, and called them ‘Leader‘ (SS501 Leader) and ‘Yong Joon-ssi’, respectively.

Source: CBS News via Nate


Pinoy K-pop fans! Are you going to the ‘Philippine KPOP Convention’?

We know that some of our readers hail from the Philippines, so here’s an awesome announcement for the Pinoy K-pop fans!

The Phillippine KPOP Community Inc. has organized the second “Phillippine KPOP Convention” for December 11th at the PICC Forum. Local fan clubs of over 40 KPOP groups and artists have been invited to celebrate their love of K-pop music for one spectacular day only! Thousands of screaming fans attended the first event last year, so we’re sure that this year will draw in many more.

Enthusiasts can look forward to purchasing fan goods from the fan clubs of their favorite artists, view the K-street fashion show (courtesy of, and participate in the many contests held over the course of the day (such as the ‘2nd Philippine KPOP Dance Battle’, ‘KPOP Kosplay Year II’, and the ‘KPOP Idol Look-a-like’ contests). There will also be exclusive album launches from SNSD and JYJ, so be sure not to miss out!

While there are no actual tickets being sold for the event, the organizers have established an entry fee of PHP150, as all proceeds from the event will go towards GAWAD KALINGA, a charitable organization that seeks to end poverty by building homes and communities for the less-fortunate. PHP150 is the minimum fee, so attendants are encouraged to donate more if they should so choose.

Doors open at 10AM. Be sure to check out this awesome event!

Additional info about the event (including which fanclubs will be in attendance) can be found through their official website here, or through their Facebook page here.

Source: Allkpop

Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore and Malaysia tour

As the face of skincare brand The Face ShopKim Hyun Joong has just finished touring Singapore and Malaysia.

He arrived in Singapore on the 1st of December and undertook fanmeetings and interviews with Singaporean media for the next two days. On the 3rd, he went to the IMM Sky Garden to greet over 2000 female fans, signing autographs and taking pictures. He is said to have donated a large chunk of the proceeds, $18,000, from the event to the World Vision charity.

From Singapore, the star went to Malaysia on the 4th and started his activities straight away, as he attended a fanmeeting with over 3000 Malaysian fans.  A staff member from the event stated, “There are famous models and actors in Southeast Asia, along with Hollywood stars, but he’s created a record for the most fans showing up.”

Kim Hyun Joong stated, “Though it was a short time, I was really happy to meet fans face to face.”

Currently, he is doing overseas promotions for the drama Playful Kiss, as well as getting ready for activities for the new year.

Source: Newsen via Nate


Lee Seung Gi raises awareness for “The 8th Letter of Angels – Happiness”

Lee Seung Gi joined photographer Jo Se Hyun’s “The 8th Letter of Angels – Happiness” photo exhibition event that is co-run with the Social Welfare Society.

With an angelic baby in his arms, Lee Seung Gi impressed the staff on set by personally stopping and calming the baby every time he cried. Despite his busy schedule with his many variety programs and advertisement filmings, he was said to have made extra sure that he had time to lend a hand for this meaningful event.

One representative on the set commented, “This is the third time Lee Seung Gi has joined this event after his participation in 2007 and 2008. He was touched with the event’s effort to raise societal awareness for adoptions, and aggressively worked to help out. He even asked questions about the babies he took photos with in the past and truly gave his all.

The exhibition also includes photos of other celebrities, like Kim Min Joon, Lee Mi Yeon, Park Kyung Lim, Lee Min Jung, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Byung Hun, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Ah Joong, Kim Ok Bin, Yoon Si Yoon, Jang Geun Suk, and many more.

The event will run from December 15th to the 20th at the Insa Art Center.

Source: JoongAng Daily via Nate
Photos: Photographer Jo Se Hyun’s Twitter

Introducing the first annual “allkpop Awards”!

The end of the year is near, and the Korean music industry is abuzz with news of upcoming awards shows that seek to recognize the most outstanding artists in a multitude of categories.

As a nod to these important events in the K-pop realm, allkpop has decided to initiate our first ever “allkpop Awards” this year, and we’re inviting fans from all over the world to determine the results!

That’s right – the votes will be 100% determined by international K-pop fans.

In order to ensure that the results are achieved in a fair manner, we’ve established a system in which votes can be submitted once a day per category via Twitter or Facebook.

Fans can vote as many times as they like over the course of the awards voting period, but again, only one vote per category per day will be counted.

We are aiming to make this an award that accurately represents the opinions of the international K-pop community, so check out the nominees below, and help decide K-pop’s best of 2010!

Click here to vote @ the 2010 allkpop Awards!

Source: Allkpop

4minute successfully completes second Japanese concert

4minute held their second live concert in Japan, “4minute LIVE Energy Vol. 2 DIAMOND,” on December 4th amidst the cheering of 4,000 fans.

Fans and Japanese reporters gathered in the concert hall five hours before the official start date, demonstrating the hot interest the Japanese have taken to the Korean girl group.

4minute kicked off their concert by performing their hit tracks, “Muzik,” “HUH,” and “I My Me Mine.”

Gayoon showed off her powerful vocals through her solo performance with “Dejavu” while Jihyunearned the cheers of male fans with her sweet reinvention of “Like A Virgin.”

Maknae Sohyun performed “London Bridge” with a rebellious image, and Hyuna performed her own solo track, “Change.” Jiyoon transformed into a rocker with her smooth, boyish charms for her solo.

4minute wrapped up their concert by stating, “We believe this was the most passionate concert. It’s our second concert, but everyone acted as if we’ve been together for a long time and synchronized so well. Thank you so much for responding so passionately. Please anticipate our future.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate


Hillsong LIVE (2011 Recording)

It’s not a new thing for people to be brought together around song. Songs of triumph, songs of plight and songs that speak of what we have in common. It’s one of the great traditions of The Church throughout the ages. It brings us into agreement with God and one another.

The first “worship” song we have on record, is the song of Exodus 15. The people of God are fleeing slavery in Egypt, with Pharoah’s army hot on their heels.  You know the story; they find themselves cornered, when God parts the seas and delivers His people under miraculous circumstances! And literally, the first thing they do is stop and sing…

“I’m singing my heart out to God—what a victory! He pitched horse and rider into the sea. God is my strength, God is my song, and, yes! God is my salvation…”

On November the 7th, 2010, as a church, we paused for a moment to consider and celebrate all that God has been doing across the life of our church.  That night represented the coming together of Hillsong Church from different campuses, services and even cities, as we were joined by some of our team from London, Kiev, Cape Town, Paris, Stockholm and New York.

As our church filled the Sydney Entertainment Centre, they were met with what I think is some of the most creative staging and lighting that our team has produced to date. (Tip of the hat to Nath Taylor, who is pretty much a genius).

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From the first song to the last, it was like a summary of our year as a church, as the songs that had given expression to who God is and what He has done were sung at full volume by our church.

Thanks to all who joined us for the 12 days of prayer leading up to the night. If you missed it, you can read the messages from some of our team here (LIVE Team Prayer Notes)… There’s some great thoughts in there.

As we now work to get the album ready for it’s release in July 2011 and I listen back on the night itself, I’m reassured that this album brings a fresh sound and expression to our worship and that the songs are as strong as they’ve ever been.

We have an album title…But I can’t tell you yet…what I can say, is it’s going to be worth the wait!


Check out the ’12 Days of Prayer’ blog about the lead up to this album recording: Click here to read.

For more information about Hillsong LIVE including albums and tour dates, please visit




2010 Mnet Asian Music Award Winner’s List

The Mnet Asian Music Awards came to an end. Check out the winners below!

Daesang Award (Grand Prize)
Artist of the Year
miss A
Girls’ Generation

Album of the Year
2AM – Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die
2NE1 – To Anyone
BoA – Hurricane Venus
Super Junior – BONAMANA
Taeyang – SOLAR

Song of the Year
2AM – “Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die”
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
2PM – “I’ll Be Back”
DJ Doc – “I’m This Kind of Person”
miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Best New Female Artist Award
miss A
Nine Muses

Best New Male Artist Award

CN Blue
Teen Top
Seo In Kook

Best Vocal Performance – Group
2AM – “Can’t Send You Even if I Die”
4men – “Can’t”
8Eight – “Break Up Is Coming”
Vibe – “Come Back”
Davichi – “Time Please Stop”

Best Dance Performance – Male Group
2PM – “I’ll Be Back”
SHINee – “Lucifer”
Super Junior – “Bonamana”

Best Dance Performance – Female Group
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
4minute – “HUH!”
miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”
Secret – “Magic”
T-ara – “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

Best Digital Single
MC Mong – “Hurt to Death”
Monday Kiz – “Spread Away”
Park Bom – “You and I”
Supreme Team – “Then Then Then”
Jung Yeob – “Without You”

Best Collaboration
Homme – “Eating Well”
Ga-In/Jo Kwon – “We Fell In Love”
Seo Young Eun/Jung Yeob – “This Pitiful Word”
IU/Seulong – “Nagging”
Sung Shi Kyung/IU – “It’s You”

Female Group Award
Girls’s Generation

Male Singer Award

Female Singer Award
Seo In Young
Son Dambi
Lee Hyori

Male Group Award
Super Junior

Best Music Video
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
Epik High – “Run”
UV – “Sorry I Can’t Be Cool”
Ga-In – “Irreversible”
Taeyang – “I’ll Be There”

Best Dance Performance – Solo
Narsha – “Bbiri Bbabba”
Rain – “Love Song”
Lee Hyori – “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
Taeyang – “I’ll be There
Hyuna – “Change”

Best Vocal Performance – Solo
K. Will – “Miss Miss Miss”
Gummy – “Because You’re A Man”
Seo In Young – “You Write It As Love and Call It Pain”
Jung In – “Hate”
Wheesung – “I Thought of Marriage”

Best Band Performance
CN Blue – “Love”
FT Island – “Love Love Love”
Hot Potato – “Confession”
Boohwal – “Love Is”
TransFixion – “Shouts of Reds”

Best International Artist

Far East Movement

The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award
Girls’ Generation

Best Asia Artist
Zhang Jie

Best Asia New Artist

Best Asia Pop Artist

Best Asia R&B Group

Source: JpopAsia

Big Bang’s Taeyang and Super Junior’s Siwon honored with ‘Minister Commendations’

The 1st ‘2010 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards’ was recently held in Seoul on November 22nd, and Big Bang’Taeyang and Super Junior’Siwon were awarded the ‘Minister Commendation for Culture and Tourism’.

Other award winners include:

Actors: Kim Mi Sook and Jung Junho

Musicians: Kim Kwang Suk and Lee Jung Shik

Comedians: Kim Byung Jo and Bae Il Jib

Singer: Maya

Voice Dubbing Artist: Sung Woo

Model: Yang Yee Shik

Cartoonists: Yoon Tae Ho and Won Soo Yeon


Source: TV Daily

2010 ‘Melon Music Awards’ Top 10 revealed!

The ‘Top 10′ list for the ‘2010 Melon Music Awards‘ has finally been revealed after an aggressive voting ‘battle royale’ between the nominees. The ‘Melon Music Awards’ opened up its first round of votes on November 11th, which allowed users to submit their nominations for the ‘Artist of the Year’ award.

Wrapping up on the 21st, the ‘top 10′ artists have been determined as follows:

  • 2AM
  • 2NE1
  • 2PM
  • SNSD
  • IU
  • Lee Seung Gi
  • T-ara
  • DJ DOC
  • 4MEN

The second round of votes has just begun, so users start voting at ‘’ now. The winner will be determined by a combination of votes (20%) and digital album sales (80%).

The ‘2010 Melon Music Awards’ will air on December 15th, so stay tuned to allkpop for updates!

Source: TV DAILY


Stars attend Lanvin for H&M VIP party

The Lanvin for H&M VIP party was held on the evening of November 19th at the Aston House located inside the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul.

Stars who turned up this evening for the party include Kim Hyun Joong, Min Hyo Rin, Son Dambi, Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Ji Woo, and Kim Ha Neul.

Check out the pictures from the red carpet.

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Credit as labelled


Lee Min Jung shows off her captivating beauty

Actress Lee Min Jung recently revealed pictures that beautifully showcase her innocent beauty.

The actress sports minimal make up in the photos, making her look nice and fresh, in contrast to the glamorous beauty she displays in more formal occasions.

Netizens gave a positive response, leaving comments including, “You look cute”, “This is like an everyday photoshoot”, and “You’re beautiful”.

Source: Star News
Photos: Lee Min Jung’s Cyworld


Sandara Park vs. Park Bom: “The Sleeping Beauty” vs. “The Homeless

The sleeping images of 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom have been drawing attention lately.

On November 9th, fellow member Park Bom uploaded the photo seen above and wrote on her me2day,“A sleeping rabbit, she is currently taking a journey to dream land.”

In the photo, Sandara can be seen lying on the sofa, tightly holding onto a bright red cushion. The way she has her lips zipped closed has earned her the nickname, “The Sleeping Beauty”.

Netizens responded with a variety of comments, such as, “Are you sleeping without even taking off your makeup? That will harm your skin~”, “She’s an angel even when she’s sleeping”, “If a prince saw this, he’d run up to her and kiss her~ Even her sleeping image is a photo shoot”, “What are you dreaming?”

Meanwhile, on the same day, in contrast to Dara’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ image, Dara uploaded a picture of Park Bom sleeping much like ‘The Homeless’.

Dara commented on her me2day, “You don’t see us much in broadcasts, but we’re very busy all the same. The members have been taking turns in falling into deep sleeps. This picture of Park Bom sleeping was taken a few days ago in the Inkigayo waiting room.”

In response to the picture, netizens replied, “You’ll get sick if you sleep in cold places”, “I guess just because you’re not seen on broadcasts doesn’t mean you’re resting either. It’s been cold lately, so stay on top of your health, fighting”, “She looks like a doll when she sleeps”, “You can’t sleep anywhere like a homeless.”

Source + Photos: TV Daily, My Star News


Vacation Ends

Today is the last day of my vacation. I feel sad (’cause I’ll miss the things that I can’t do during school days), but things aren’t permanent and that’s the reality of life, so I have to enjoy this day before facing new challenges in school and in life.

I went to church (’cause it’s Sunday here and that’s the first thing I did today).  I worship and praise God and I enjoy doing that.

After I went to church, me and my cousin decided to go to mall to buy school supplies. We went there together with our two other friends. We didn’t expect to spent almost 4 hours there sitting, eating and talking to each other. Ha ha

I’m wondering what will happen tomorrow during our first day of our class. (I hope that we’ll have fun).

Photos from google

SM Entertainment & ELFs celebrate Super Junior’s 5th anniversary

On November 6th, Super Junior held a celebratory mini-concert at the Korea University Gymnasium with their official fanclub, as a way to officially mark five successful years since their Inkigayo debut back in 2005.

Yet it wasn’t just Super Junior and their Korean fans who were celebrating this day – fans from all around the world came together to complete one of the most meaningful projects K-pop has ever witnessed, by compiling fan letters to Super Junior in 30 different languages.

According to the founder and manager of this project,, the link to the project blog received over 5,000 views in 83 different countries. Amazingly, the site managed to attract this many visitors in the span of just 12 hours! The project managed to write fan letters in Korean, English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Norwegian, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Somali, Flipino/Tagalog, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tamil, and Mongolian.

The English version of the fan letter reads,

Dear Super Junior,

Thank you for being one of the greatest things in our lives. You are not a mere boy band, a simple crush, or an impersonate idol. You are 13 young men who, through true spirits and good hearts, have united thousands of people. You have entertained and inspired us through your hard work and talents. Yet most importantly, you have taught us valuable life lessons. We learned from you that dreams are vaster than state boarders. And that positive spirit is the key to all challenges. You showed us that we must work hard for what we love and protect and stand for whom we love. We learned from you that being a humble dork is much more charming than being a stuck-up jerk. You taught us that spontaneity is a gift not a defect and that you will always grow old, but not necessarily grow up. And that life is sweet but never easy. And that with all these virtues, we can all change the world.

We just wanted to let you know that you did change the world. You are more than music idols, or entertainers, you are heroes, for you have positively changed the lives of many. We want to always be guided by you. You do not need a catchy song to steal our hearts; your smiles have already done that. You have always touched our lives and hearts, and we wish day and night to be able to do the same for you. We wish that every year you would feel closer to us, and feel our unwavering admiration and love for you. Please always know that you succeeded in the past few years and that in every world corner you have an ELF to witness that. We will stand united for you and for the many years of success to come, not just in your career, but mostly in your life.

Yours always and forever,

E.L.Fs around the world

6, Nov, 2010

You can check out the letters in the 30 different languages here.

Additionally, the Taiwanese ELFs decided to go a little bit further, as they completely covered a public bus with their congratulatory message to their idol group. The message reads, “Super Junior, 2010.11.6 Congratulations to Super Junior on their 5-year Anniversary.”

If that’s not enough, the executives and staff members of their entertainment company, SM Entertainment, also posted a meaningful message through a public newspaper advertisement to congratulate the group for their five years of success. They wrote,

Five years have passed since Super Junior was born

Five years ago today, they knew that they would ‘do well’
despite voices worrying whether if they really could.

With each step full of passion and effort,
they became the ‘first’
as they stepped out into
different genres to sing, to act, to MC, to DJ
Reaching out to Asia and the world outside of Korea

And have now grown into the “Super Junior” that represents Korea

Their proud steps are now just beginning
We will be with them into the future

The executives and staff members of SM Entertainment
congratulate Super Junior’s five year anniversay with one heart

Congratulations to Super Junior on their 5th anniversary!

Source: Allkpop


Enrollment Day

Me and my previous classmates planned to enroll today. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the last step (which is the scheduling of sections) ’cause the computer hanged.

So, we decide to go to school tomorrow at 8am to get our schedules early. I’m thinking of what will happen tomorrow? I hope we’ll gt our schedules early and don’t experience to wait for an hour (like on the pictures). We can do it. Ha ha

Hineni’s Pre-event

Hanging out with my High School Classmates

Me and my high school friends pictures last Sunday and today in our previous school. (CCS)

credit to my camera.

SHINee, SNSD, Big Bang and more, head to Singapore for Korean Pop Night!


October 23rd was certainly a very busy day for K-pop fans all around the world. Seoul held its 7th annual ‘Asia Song Festival‘, Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 3‘ held a stage in Beijing, and JYJperformed in Shanghai.

K-pop fans in Singapore had the special fortune of having seven idol bands all to themselves! The sold-out concert was organized by Proof Label, and was held at the Singapore Expo Hall 2.

Minutes before the concert started, fans were chanting for their favorite bands, shining their glowsticks to show their support for various groups that were performing that night.

Starting promtly at 8 PM, F.T. Island opened the show by performing four songs, “Bing Bing Bing“, “I Hope“, “Love Love Love“, and “Flower Rock“. This is F.T. Island’s third trip to Singapore, and once again, they put up an amazing performance for the Primadonnas.

Dae Guk Nam Ah (The Boss/D-NA), who debuted earlier this year, was also invited to perform atKorean Pop Night 2010. Singing and dancing along to “Admiring Boy“, “Stumble Stumble“, and “Shining World“, the boys showed us their sleek dance moves and strong vocals – very impressive!


ZE:A, who was in Singapore earlier this year for a showcase, was added to the original six K-pop bands after wanting to return to Singapore to put up another performance. They danced and sung “Mazeltov“, “All Day Long“, and “Level Up“, and although the three songs left the boys sweating profusely, they did not lose a single ounce of energy.

Unlike bands like Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and SHINee, who arrived in Singapore on the day of the concert itself, ZE:A arrived a day earlier and even had time to go shopping! Seems like they really do love Singapore!

Infinite sang “Come Back Again“, “She’s Back“, and “Wings“. Like ZE:A, the boys were sweating profusely, but they were more than happy to pose for the cameras.

Noona Neomu Yeppeo” was hinted by the emcee when it was SHINee’s turn to take the stage.SHINee sang to “Replay“, which was a little lackluster due to the absence of their main vocalist, but the hype began to build up when “Ring Ding Dong” came up. SHINee finished their performance with “Lucifer” and their latest hit, “Hello“.

Making their comeback next week, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) was the only girl group to perform last night! They graced the stage in sailor outfits and performed “Genie“.

Singapore is a very clean place, the fans are outgoing and really friendly, and we liked to come back“, member Jessica said to the SONES. The hall was filled with SONES waving their pink light sabers, and fanboys screaming their names at the top of their lungs.

Ending their performance with “Gee“, Tiffany told SONES to look forward to their upcoming album, which will be released next week.

And last but definitely not the least, Big Bang! Unlike other groups, they performed to a total of seven songs: “Gara Gara Go“, “Number 1“, “Haru Haru (Acoustic)“, “Lies“, “Last Farewell“, “How Gee“, and “Hands Up“!

The members of Big Bang showed a lot of charisma on stage, and they were having a lot of fun throughout their performances. Tae Yang and T.O.P also threw their sweat-drenched towels into the crowd, which I’m sure fans were fighting over.

The show closed with all the bands groovin’ to “We Are The World 25 for Haiti“.

Dedicated fans of various idol groups were definitely having a blast, and i’m sure most of them were left breathless like I was! One word to sum up the entire concert: epic!

Many thanks to Proof Label for organizing the event and Jacintha for making this possible.

Source: Allkpop


Tokyo Drama Awards

Tokyo Drama Awards

The 4th International Drama Festival opened in Tokyo on Monday, as part of the annual Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta). The event’s Tokyo Drama Awards were presented on the same day, and the biggest winners were “JIN” and “Mother.”

“JIN” took four of the prizes, including the Grand Prix in the drama series category and Best Performance by an Actor for Takao Osawa. “Mother,” on the other hand, won five awards, including a Best Drama award in the drama series category and Best Performance by an Actress for Yasuko Matsuyuki.

One of the special awards this year was Best Actor in Asia, awarded to an actor or actress in a non-Japanese Asian drama. The winner was Lee Byung Hun for his performance in “IRIS.”

The complete award list is as follows:

* Grand Prix (Series Drama): “JIN”
* Best Drama (Series Drama): “Mother”, “Dousoukai”, “Ninkyo Helper”, “Ryomaden”
* Grand Prix (Single Drama): “Wagaya no Rekishi”
* Best Drama (Single Drama): “Toomawari no Ame”, “Shoeshine Boy”
* Asia Award: “JIN”
* Local Drama Award: “Mieruhi”, “Kaka-san e”
* Best Performance by an Actor: Takao Osawa (“JIN”)
* Best Performance by an Actress: Yasuko Matsuyuki (“Mother”)
* Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role: Teruyuki Kagawa (“Ryomaden”)
* Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role: Machiko Ono (“Hi no Sakana” and “Mother”)
* Best Screenplay: Yuji Sakamoto (“Mother”)
* Best Director: Hiroshi Kurosaki (“Hi no Sakana”)
* Best Producer: Akihiko Ishimaru (“JIN”)
* Special Award: Filming staff of “Ryomaden”, Mana Ashida (“Mother”)
* Best Actor in Asia: Lee Byung Hun

The International Drama Festival runs until October 28.

Source: Jpopasia

Chilling with Friends

Few minutes ago, I’m with my classmates. We went somewhere to eat and sing all day long. It’s been two weeks since I’m with them (although we’re only three). Ha ha I’ missed it so much. i hope that we’ll be doing this once or twice a week, if its okay with them.

Before that eating and singing factor happened, I’ve waited in our meeting place almost an hour, and the weather isn’t that good. But, it’s okay with me ’cause I’m always waiting when we had our practice, or something like this.

We’re doing like this (except in drinking wines, liquors and alcoholic beverages):

We haven’t took a nice picture, so I put a picture that came from internet. Picture from:

Celebrate “United Nations” Day

I woke up early in the morning to go to my cousin’s school ’cause they will celebrate United Nations Day through preparing different performances like dancing, singing, etc. My cousin (Jenny) will dance with her classmates, and I’ve to record and to picture it ’cause her mom wants to see it. (Her mom didn’t went in her daughter’s school ’cause she’s already in Japan).

So, I want you to see their pictures: