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Celebrate “United Nations” Day

I woke up early in the morning to go to my cousin’s school ’cause they will celebrate United Nations Day through preparing different performances like dancing, singing, etc. My cousin (Jenny) will dance with her classmates, and I’ve to record and to picture it ’cause her mom wants to see it. (Her mom didn’t went in her daughter’s school ’cause she’s already in Japan).

So, I want you to see their pictures:

Happy Birthday

Today (Asian time), is the birthday of my dearest sister and grandmother. Early in the morning, we went to market to buy some ingredients for the menu that my aunt cooked earlier. My aunt also bought cakes, flowers and ice cream.

We had a family gathering (and a riot? ha ha just kidding) few hours ago. (The party started at almost 7pm in the evening).

My birthday message for you is: “A birthday is not just a year OLDER, but a year BETTER.” (Always remember that okay?)

Here’s the picture of their cakes:

My Grandma’s cake


My sister’s cake


The expenses was sponsored by our relatives in Japan and Canada. Thank you so much for all of your support. Take care always and God bless you more.

Hm, yummy!

This day is a blessing for me ’cause God gave me another life, so I went to church. Although I’m a little bit tired, I’m too blessed!

After I went there (in church), my cousin gave me a cookies and cream flavor of chocolate. She was so sweet (at that time. he he) ’cause I didn’t expect her to do that.

Here’s the White Chocolate brand:


The chocolate was from her mom. Just sharing what it looks like.

is saying “Good bye”

Few hours to go, my aunt (Jenny’s mother) will leave the country after staying for  almost 2 weeks.
Her family will send her in the airport later (I wish I can send her too, but I can’t because I have to take my final exam).
Here are some of the pictures that we took in the airport few months ago.


It’s from my personal pictures from my account. I just want to share it to you for you to see it.


It was Jenny’s (my cousin) 9th birthday last October 2, 2010. The pictures were taken for her slideshow and remembrance to her special day. Her mom went over here (although she’s in the other country for work) just to be with her on her birthday.

Hope you like the pictures. Pretty isn’t it?

Just sharing her pictures.

Pictures by: My cousin’s birthday photographer

A Day to Remember

It’s my mom’s Birthday last September 27, so me and my sister went to her grave.

Memorial Park

Jenny’s 9th Birthday