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SNSD’s photo spread in SPUR Magazine

The ladies of SNSD / Girls’ Generation officially debuted in Japan back on September 8th with the release of ‘Genie’ and ever since then, the girls have experienced a lot of popularity in the country. To further their promotions in Japan, the girls recently appeared in the latest issue of SPUR Magazine.

The photo spread is titled “Girls’ Generation in Classic Mode” and they look beautiful as usual. Check out the photos below!

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F.T. Island’s single, “So Today”, reaches 6th on Oricon chart

F.T. Island’s 3rd single released in Japan, “So Today,” reached 6th on the Oricon chart yesterday.

F.T. Island’s management agency, FNC Music, stated, “All the singles F.T. Island has released in the major music market in Japan have debuted in the top 10.”

They added, “The fact that they placed 6th on a chart reserved for top artists in Japan means the same as them placing 1st to us.”

Source + Photo: Hankooki


SNSD confirmed to perform live for Japan’s “FNS Music Festival”!

SNSD (‘Shoujo Jidai‘) has been confirmed as a performing act for Japan’s “FNS Music Festival“. Held on December 4th, the festival is an annual music program hosted by Fuji Television.

The girls will be performing alongside other substantial artists, such as AKB48ArashiKoda Kumi, and SMAP. It’s more than likely that they’ll be performing their two Japanese singles, ”Genie” and “Gee“.

Stay tuned to allkpop for updates on their performances!

Source: FNS official website


Actor Jang Geun Suk to hold ‘Japan Tour 2010′

Actor Jang Geun Suk will kick off his nationwide Japanese tour called, ‘Where is Your Star?’

According to his agency on November 10th, Jang Geun Suk will be visiting 4 cities in Japan in 5 cycles, starting from Fukuoka on the 12th, and going up towards KobeYokohama, and Sapporo.

Jang Geun Suk said, “Coincidently, this upcoming Japan tour will be clashing with my comeback drama production, ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night”. Since the tour dates run parallel with my filming schedules, I will need very tight time management; however, I’m still happy as I will be able to share news about ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ while going on tour.”

A representative of Jang Geun Suk’s agency added, “Ever since we announced the news of his Japanese event, we have been getting countless calls about concert inquiries, and the concerts immediately sold out once tickets became available for sale. Because the server had crashed due to the high traffic, we received numerous calls from fans who were unable to purchase a ticket.”

They continued, “After holding an emergency meeting, we decided to add on an extra concert in Yokohama, but that was sold out right after ticket sales went open too. We are just really thankful for the tremendous amount of interest.”

Jang Geun Suk will be leaving for Fukuoka on the 11th in preparation for his first concert.

Source + Photo: Star News


SNSD receives a ‘Double Gold’ just 3 weeks after Japanese debut

Girl group sensation, SNSD, recently surpassed the 100,000 sales mark on the Japanese Oricon Charts for the second consecutive time!

As of November 9th on the Oricon’s ‘Weekly Singles Chart‘, SNSD’s second single ‘Gee‘ sold 13,320 copies in the first week, and managed to reach the 100,000 milestone by their 3rd week.

What’s interesting to note here is that ‘Gee’ is gaining more popularity than their debut track ‘Genie‘. While ‘Genie’ took 8 weeks to surpass 100,000 sales, ‘Gee’ managed to overcome it in just 3.

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) will bestow the group with a second ‘Gold‘ disk for ‘Gee’, in recognition of their phenomenal sales. Congratulations, SNSD!

Source: Star News


KARA and SNSD appear on Japanese vending machines

The rising popularity of KARA and SNSD in Japan was recently confirmed in an unusual manner, as the ladies were featured on special capsule vending machines for knickknacks and charms!

Photos of the intriguing machines made their way onto an online community message board. KARA and SNSD were found to be amongst vending machines featuring other highly-popular Japanese artists, thereby infering that the girls were establishing their place as top J-pop stars. If that wasn’t enough convince you of their wild popularity, the machines vended small capsules containing key chains made from the girls’ pictures.

Netizens who found out about the news seemed surprised as they commented, “Korean girl groups really are great,” “They appeared on vending machines where only famous celebrities are featured”, and“If there was a drawing machine like that in Korea, thousands of people will probably come.”

For the bargain price of ¥300 ($3.70 USD), Japanese fans can proudly carry around proof of their love forGoo Hara or Jessica. Would you be next in line to grab one?

Source + Photos: Newsen

Behind the scenes of SNSD’s ‘Hoot’ MV

SNSD has locked down a successful start to their promotions for title track ‘Hoot‘, as they’ve already won the ‘K-Chart‘ distinction on Music Bank‘ after only a week since their comeback.

Star News recently interviewed SNSD while on the set for their ‘Hoot’ music video. Super Junior’s Choi Siwon also made a cameo appearance during the interview, so keep an eye out for him below!

<Video + Translations>

Tiffany: To all the viewers, hello we’re SNSD!

Tiffany: Yes, today SNSD is at the music video set for our new song, ‘Hoot’. Welcome!

Hyoyeon: ‘Hoot’ is a light-hearted song that combines a go-go rhythm with a retro guitar. It’s also a catchy song that accentuates the members’ unique voices. The lyrics for the song is really cute as well, since the song is about a girl who’s having a really hard time with her boyfriend, and wants to give him a warning that she will shoot an arrow to his heart.

Sooyoung: The members are sporting hairstyles and outfits as if you’re watching a real ’80’s movie. Also in the song lyrics, we sing about shooting the heart with an arrow, so at the moment we’re shooting the music video on a set that looks similar to a dart board. Don’t we look like girls from the ‘007 movie..?

Siwon: It looks like our SNSD friends will be decorating the last few months of this year beautifully, and I hope many people give their mini-album ‘Hoot’ a lot of love. SNSD friends, Fighting! I think the song sounds really good, their concept as well.

Taeyeon: Us girls have been working hard doing promotions in Japan, and we’ve also just come back to Korea holding a new album. Since we also released a new single ‘Gee’ in Japan as well, we will be showing a hard-working image through that, and we will also do our best for our new song ‘Hoot’ in Korea.

We hope you give us lots of love, right till the end. We’re SNSD!

Source: Allkpop

2NE1 delays their debut Japanese release

Girl group sensation, 2NE1, amped up their Japanese fans with their plans to enter the Japanese music market. After announcing that they were signing under Avex Entertainment, fans waited patiently for further updates.

Unfortunately, Avex recently posted a notice on 2NE1’s official homepage, and said the following:

“We have an announcement about 2NE1’s Japanese release.

First of all, we received an overwhelming response after announcing 2NE1’s Japanese debut with us, so we would like to thank you for that.

YG Entertainment Japan and Avex Entertainment have decided to delay the release of 2NE1’s Japanese album, originally scheduled for December 8th, in order to meet the high expectations.

To be more specific, we wanted to make sure the content was absolutely satisfactory for their debut in Japan.

It will make the fans wait a little longer, but the company asks for the fans’ understanding, patience, and continued support as they prepare 2NE1’s Japanese debut to meet everyones’ anticipations and expectations.

Avex also advised fans to disregard any declarations made by “outside sites” about the album being “cancelled”.

Could the girls be planning a completely new tracklist for their Japanese album? Or are they simply perfecting their Japanese interpretations for their previously-released tracks? Either way, we know that with the delay, the anticipation has just increased tenfold!

Source: 2NE1’s official Japanese website

2NE1 officially contracts under Avex!

Back in August 2010, rumors about 2NE1 following the footsteps of their fellow YG brothers, Big Bang, in advancing into the Japanese music industry with a contract under their belts with Japan’s highly successful entertainment company, Avex.

It has just been confirmed that these rumors are in fact true, as Avex just recently revealed 2NE1’s official website under Avexnet, along with 2NE1’s official Japanese website, created by YG.

According to information on their website, 2NE1’s debut album in Japan is scheduled to drop this coming December 8th, along with an additional CD+DVD bonus album.

Congratulations to 2NE1 for their sweet contract, and make sure to follow allkpop as more news on 2NE1’s Japanese debut unravels!

Check out the two websites below.

Source: Allkpop

Tokyo Drama Awards

Tokyo Drama Awards

The 4th International Drama Festival opened in Tokyo on Monday, as part of the annual Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta). The event’s Tokyo Drama Awards were presented on the same day, and the biggest winners were “JIN” and “Mother.”

“JIN” took four of the prizes, including the Grand Prix in the drama series category and Best Performance by an Actor for Takao Osawa. “Mother,” on the other hand, won five awards, including a Best Drama award in the drama series category and Best Performance by an Actress for Yasuko Matsuyuki.

One of the special awards this year was Best Actor in Asia, awarded to an actor or actress in a non-Japanese Asian drama. The winner was Lee Byung Hun for his performance in “IRIS.”

The complete award list is as follows:

* Grand Prix (Series Drama): “JIN”
* Best Drama (Series Drama): “Mother”, “Dousoukai”, “Ninkyo Helper”, “Ryomaden”
* Grand Prix (Single Drama): “Wagaya no Rekishi”
* Best Drama (Single Drama): “Toomawari no Ame”, “Shoeshine Boy”
* Asia Award: “JIN”
* Local Drama Award: “Mieruhi”, “Kaka-san e”
* Best Performance by an Actor: Takao Osawa (“JIN”)
* Best Performance by an Actress: Yasuko Matsuyuki (“Mother”)
* Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role: Teruyuki Kagawa (“Ryomaden”)
* Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role: Machiko Ono (“Hi no Sakana” and “Mother”)
* Best Screenplay: Yuji Sakamoto (“Mother”)
* Best Director: Hiroshi Kurosaki (“Hi no Sakana”)
* Best Producer: Akihiko Ishimaru (“JIN”)
* Special Award: Filming staff of “Ryomaden”, Mana Ashida (“Mother”)
* Best Actor in Asia: Lee Byung Hun

The International Drama Festival runs until October 28.

Source: Jpopasia