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Kim So Eun’s Facebook Page

South Korean actress, Kim So Eun had so many facebook pages made by her fans. But, I’ve found an updated page for her. So, if you have a facebook account, like her page at:

Hope you suggest it to your other facebook friends like I did. Thanks.

Source: Facebook

Kim So Eun Joins Twitter

Kim So Eun posted some pictures on her cyworld announcing that she joined twitter on her cyworld.


드디어 저도 트위터를 하게됬어요~
근데……사실 너무어려워요ㅜㅜ



Back in June, Kim So Eun’s agency, N.O.A Entertainment made it clear that the adorable actress didn’t have a twitter account. Well, it seems this has changed as she recently posted “트위터!! kimso_ (twitter!! kimso_)” on her cyworld page.

She posted this message, along with 2 photos: “I’ve finally started twitter. It’s so difficult for a computer noob like me.”


In the post above she says that’s she’s finally created a twitter account and to follow her @kimso_

I’ve checked her twitter site out and it seems legit especially considering it was mentioned on her cyworld. Unfortunately she’s following the wrong Kim Bum 😦

You can find her at

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Source: Kim So Eun Cyworld

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KBS ‘in the Wind A Good Day’ fan base to expand

(AP) yungoeun reporter = ‘BOF’ of the ‘autumn’ now ‘Five Big Blessings this’ was to give away seats.

This fall, young to middle age throughout the floors Five Big Blessings remember remember, but because the character. Five Big Blessings of 50-60 viewers, especially housewives love about this is absolute.

Actors and Kim (21) KBS 1TV ililgeuk aired last two days ‘in the Wind A Good Day’ fan base has expanded to. Broadened the spectrum of acting together for a little while.

He recently said: “Frankly, a lot was hard. Especially too much crying, so for now cry is unlikely. I heartily and wept. Life’s weight is too large Carrick atmospheres postponed to was difficult,” said, “but that Iori feel that,” he said.

Five Big Blessings, but he played barely twenty-one 10 years older than the minor unmarried and married her elementary school son had been obtained. Drama in the early dreams of a girl holding a one hundred million of the country, came in late but we really should show as a mother, a wife and daughter had a formidable budithyeoya reality. Son’s biological mother, especially when you are not going to learn from the situation worse, twisted as prayed.

“And prepared to postpone his role, though I did not know this hard. I’ve never ever seen in the second half did not have to keep them because Smoke will not be well understood There’s no spirit. But look at me a housewife viewers’ Five Big Blessings Too Good smoke . How himdeuleotnya ‘I’m proud that so much for me. I still smoke, thanks to the reaction, I guess. ”

“The ‘Boys Over Flowers’ or’ I can not marry a man ‘that’ if you feel this one in an old love,” said “I was in another dimension with previous works, this works well with smoke that we should learn to love The idea was to come as, “he said.

Modest stature, the young son of the pole face and a hat because he is not an extra brother, what appeared to be cross. They call him now, no matter how smoke is definitely an unusual experience.

“I do not like the original children in this drama for months while shooting his son, and I’m like the kids. (Laughter) My son will be broadcast this drama while the 8 ㎝ I’ve been covering. Weigh out the difference in 8 ㎏ blow me alright? . This eldest son, based on the role we’re gonna take them again. It was an unusual experience. ”

The main topic he been a girl, but the same images (40), Ji Jin-hee (39), jinyihan (32) and meantime a lot of 10-20 year-old actor and has focused primarily on respiration. Why did not it hard.

“Except for being here and curiously old had a lot of my counterparts. But even more convenient. Than I can learn from her many qualities at all seniors. Age, focusing and breathing actors even though the relative advantages, but a lot of traffic day and age, even if the benefits A lot. ”

CF was a student in high school in 2005 he made his debut ‘The Show’ and three side after starring film ‘The Iron Empress’ Chae Si-ra child through the BOF’ rose to stardom in the fall. And while fire until ililgeuk hero, expanding smoke.

“I’ve dreamed of since childhood and was an actor. I write a diary, the diary in elementary school when a lot of drama this gamsangmun. (Laughs) Yeah I smoke too much fun for me. If you smoke, and two towering endorphins, I guess.”

Images are tender, but he also said he wanted to postpone action. Youth skiing, fencing, taekwondo, and learn to enjoy these days, such as yoga, exercise and a lot of hobbies.

“When I was younger than I was a little kid kkangmareugo. So, who learned to ignore or look at a lot of exercise. Action postpone it looks like fun. Fall, Five Big Blessings In addition to the many different characters I want to challenge.”

(Sorry if some grammars weren’t that good).