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Park Shin Hye on a new drama?

Recently, Korean star Park Shin Hye’s talent agency 4HIM Entertainment tweeted about reviewing several dramas which are possibly the new drama of the actress. Check the photo below for more info.

Source: via 4HIM_ent twitter

Park Shin Hye turns to be “Musician” on her new selcas

Korean actress Park Shin Hye uploaded a photo on her twitter, weibo and Official Japanese blog “ameblo” last November 22 with descriptions:

Twitter: 안녕하세요. 박신혜입니다. 2011 멜론 뮤직 어워드!! 24일까지 이제 이틀밖에 안남았네요. MC오프닝무대에 서게되어서 많이 떨리는데요.. 두둥~ 기대많이해주세요^^

Hello eveyone. This is Park Shin Hye. 2011 Melon Music Awards!! It will be on the 24th. I am the MC and I will be rocking the stage.. Woo~ Please give your full support^^

Weibo: 안녕하세요 신혜입니다!! 오는 24일 멜론뮤직어워드에서 엠씨를 맡게되었는데요!! 굉장히떨리지만 열심히 하겠습니다!! 오프닝 무대도 준비했어요!! 유투브에서 생방으로 방송되니까 많은시청과 응원부탁드립니다!!

Hello everyone I am Shin Hye!! On 24th I’ll be the MC of Melon Music Awards!! I am very nervous but I will strive to my best!! I am also prepared for the opening performances. Youtube will be streaming live, so please watch and support!!

Ameblo: こんばんは‼ みなさんは~シネですp(^_^)q 11月24日 メロンミュージックアワードでオープニング舞台も准备しました‼‼ 知りたいでしょう 优兔比で 生放送でしちょうすることができます。応援してくださいp(^_^)q

Hello everyone!! I am Shin Hye p(^_^)q On November 24 I’ll be the MC of Melon Music Awards & I am also prepared for the opening performances. I know that Youtube will be streaming live, please support p(^_^)q

She will be the MC of 2011 Melon Music Awards on the 24th day of November. Make sure to watch it!

Source: Park Shin Hye’s: Twitter (@ssinz) + Ameblo + Weibo

Translation credit: PSH_IFC

Korean Drama “Heartstrings” will start to invade their foreign fans

Heartstrings (넌 내게 반했어) is a Korean Drama starring Park Shin Hye and Jung Yonghwa. This is their second drama together. But, on this time, Jung Yonghwa is now the partner of Park Shin Hye. (Their first drama together was “You’re Beautiful with Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hongki)

Although the drama’s rating was not that good, they made their international fans fallen from it. As a proof, the drama was recently voted as the “Best Korean Drama” on and on a fan-created page on Facebook “Best of Korea” .

It was pre-sold to eight countries including: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines and North America while talks in acquiring the rights to broadcast the show is still ongoing in several other places before the drama aired in Korea.

There are three versions of the drama’s titles have also been confirmed. “Heartstrings” in America, “Ni Wei Wo Zhao Mi” in China and “You have fallen for me” (translated title) for other overseas places.

So, if you have a Facebook account, like the following pages to get the latest updates about the casts and the drama.

* The ‎Dooley Couple (Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye)

* The ‎Heartstrings (넌 내게 반했어) (For me, this page is very updated among the other Heartstrings pages on Facebook)

Winners at the 8th Korean Film Awards

The 8th Korean Film Awards took place on November 18th at the Sejong Center.

Stars who walked the red carpet include SHINee’s Onew, Song Chang Il, Seo Ji Hye, Nam Bora, Song Yun Ah, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo Young Hee, Seo Woo, Jo Yeo Jung, Lee Yo Won, Choi Daniel, Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Sae Ron, Won Bin, Park Shin Hye, and more.

List of Winners (Major)
Best Film – Poetry
Best Screenplay – Poetry
Best Director – Lee Chang Dong (Poetry)

Best Actor – Won Bin (The Man from Nowhere)
Best Actress – Seo Young Hee (Bedevilled)

Best Supporting Actor – Yu Hae Jin (Moss)
Best Supporting Actress – Yun Yeo Jeong (The Housemaid)

Best Rookie – Song Sae Byeok (The Servant)
Best Child Actor – Kim Sae Ron (The Man From Nowhere)

The broadcast of the awards ceremony through MBC was delayed instead of being live, after the broadcaster chose to show the men 1,500m freestyle swimming final in which national swimmer, Park Tae Hwan, was partaking, and won the silver medal. The rating for the swimming event was 34.8%, so it seems like they made a good decision.

Park also anchored the relay team in the last race of the swimming competition, as the Koreans won the silver medal in the 4×100 men’s individual medley in a dramatic finish.

Credit as labelled

“Hayate” to continue filming in Kyushu, JAPAN

Taiwan GTV’s recent drama production “Hayate the Combat Butler” will continue its filming in Kyūshū. (きゅうしゅう), JAPAN.

“Hayate the Combat Butler” tells the story of a rich, young girl Nagi Sanzen’in (starring Park Shin Hye) who lives in a beautiful palace and how her life changes after meeting Hayate Ayasaki(starring George Hu), who is employed to be Nagi Sanzen’in’s butler. The drama production team of “Hayate the Combat Butler” recently says that “Although the mansions in Taiwan are very expensive, but their outer appearances are not pretty enough for the drama.”

Due to that, the drama production team has decided to continue the filming in Kyūshū. (きゅうしゅう), JAPAN. The team also stated that they have gained support from the Nagasaki-ken Tourism Association 長崎観光連盟. (Nagasaki-ken is the capital city of Kyūshū), making the drama a co-production by Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The total cost of the drama production of “Hayate the Combat Butler” is estimated at $198,100 USD (=219,530.000 KRW)


The cutest thing is, hardworking leading actress Park Shin Hye has been learning Madarin Chinese, and she always tells her costars that “I will work hard on it.”

Hayate is currently filming in Taiwan, the estimated filming length is 3 months.


“Hayate” stars George Hu and Park Shin-hye bonding well through art of pranking

Taiwanese actor George Hu and Korean actress Park Shin-hye are already in their second week of filming for their idol drama collaboration “Hayate the Combat Butler”, and the pair are gradually developing into good friends. What has been surprising is that the best way the pair has been communicating with each other is through a series of pranks.  Plus, with the addition of George’s bandmate Shao Xiang from Mandopop boy band Wu Hoo added to the cast, even Shao has been taking part in these pranks. With Shao not willing to be outdone, the newly added cast member of “Hayate” bribed George to pull another kind of prank on their Korean co-star, making Shin-hye cry out in response in her native Korean, “I’m going back home!”

Recently, Shin-hye has been dedicating herself heavily in studying Mandarin, where she has been seen diligently hitting the books. Furthermore, whenever she has the chance, Shin-hye would try to get in some language practice by kicking off a conversation with one of the film crew members in Mandarin. In addition, when Shin-hye has the time, she would also take her language textbooks to fellow co-star George so that her co-star could help teach the aspiring Mandarin language student. But since George has been in the United States throughout the year long prior to the filming of “Hayate”, Shin-hye’s Taiwanese co-star’s Mandarin skills are not that good either. So even though George readily agrees to help out her Korean co-star, in the end he still feels embarrassed as he laughs and says, “Studying with me probably isn’t good at all!” And although Shin-hye’s other Taiwanese co-star Shao is playing the part of fiancé to Park Shin-hye’s character, he himself doesn’t speak a word of Korean as he laughs and says, “My exchanges with Shin-hye are usually warm-hearted smiles.”

The Korean actress has been getting along pretty well with the rest of the cast, and with filming taking place at night for the past few days, even though Shin-hye is feeling a bit tired, she still expressed with dedication, “Everything’s completely okay. Everyone has been good to me, and I’m happy with the work.” George has also given huge thumbs up to Shin-hye’s acting during the course of their collaboration, giving huge praise to her by saying, “Once she gets goes up in front of the camera, she can completely immerse herself in character. It’s truly amazing!”

Source: NOWnews

Park Shin Hye to star in Taiwan’s “Hayate the Combat Butler” drama

Park Shin Hye will also be starring in a Taiwanese drama just like fellow Korean actress, Goo Hye Sun, after she was cast in the female lead role of a Taiwanese remake of a Japanese manga byKenjiro Hata, “Hayate the Combat Butler.”

Park had seen a huge rise in her popularity after her drama “You’re Beautiful” was aired in Taiwan. Her popularity levels surged even further when she came to Taiwan for fan meetings, and this was a huge factor in her clinching the lead role for “Hayate the Combat Butler.”

Park’s agency expressed that Park had become very popular thanks to “You’re Beautiful”, and in order to increase her popularity further and become a true Hallyu star, she decided to take on this drama.

The story revolves around a boy named Hayate who serves as the butler, bodyguard, and friend to a girl named Nagi just so he could pay back his debt. Park Shin Hye will play Nagi, while Hayate will be played by George Hu.

Filming already began last month, and Park will stay in Taiwan until the end of the year. The drama is expected to greet viewers early next year through GTV.

Source: Allkpop

Music Lover

I really love music and listening to it is my hobby especially when I’m too bored or too busy doing paper works. So, while I’m typing and translating a document right now, I’m listening to Jang Geun Suk’s version of “Without Words” (One of the Korean theme song of “You’re Beautiful). I wanna share it with you, so here’s the lyrics :

English Translation Korean Romanization
I shouldn’t have done that,
I should have pretended not to know
like I didn’t see it, like I couldn’t see it
I shouldn’t have looked at you in the first place 

I should have run away
I should have pretended I wasn’t listening
like I didn’t hear it, like I couldn’t hear it
I shouldn’t have heard your love in the first place

Without a word, you made me know what love is
Without a word, you gave me your love
Made me fill myself with your every breath
Then you ran away

Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love abandons me
Wondering what to say next
My lips were surprised
It came without a word

Why does it hurt so much?
Why does it hurt continuously?
Except for the fact that I can’t see you anymore, and that you’re not here anymore
otherwise, it’ll be just the same like before

Without a word, you made me know what love is
Without a word, you gave me your love
Made me fill myself with your every breath
Then you ran away

Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love abandons me
Wondering what to say next
My lips were surprised

Without a word, tears starts falling down
Without a word, my heart is broken

Without a word, I waited for love
Without a word, love hurts me
I’ve become transparent, I’ve become a fool
and I cry just by looking at the sky

Without a word, separation finds me
Without a word, the end comes to me
It tool my heart by surprised
To send you away unexpectedly
It came without a word

Without a word, love appears
Without a word, love vanishes
Like a fever I’ve had, maybe all I have to do is hurt for a while
Because in the end, the only thing that remains are scars

하지말걸 그랬어 모른척 해버릴걸
안보이는 것처럼 볼수없는 것처럼
널 아예 보지말 걸 그랬나봐 

도망칠 걸 그랬어 못들은척 그럴걸
듣지도 못하는 척
들을 수 없는 것처럼
아예 네 사랑 듣지 않을걸

말도 없이 사랑을 알게 하고
말도 없이 사랑을 내게 주고
숨결 하나조차 널 담게 해놓고
이렇게 도망가니까

말도 없이 사랑이 나를 떠나
말도 없이 사랑이 나를 버려
무슨말을 할지 다문 입이
혼자서 놀란것 같아
말도 없이 와서

왜 이렇게 아픈지 왜 자꾸만 아픈지
널 볼수 없다는건
네가 없다는거 말고
모두 예전과 똑같은건데

말도 없이 사랑을 알게 하고
말도 없이 사랑을 내게 주고
숨결 하나조차 널 닮게 해놓고
이렇게 도망가니까

말도 없이 사랑이 나를 떠나
말도 없이 사랑이 나를 버려
무슨말을 할지 다문 입이
혼자서 놀란것 같아

말도 없이 눈물이 흘러내려
말도 없이 가슴이 무너져가

말도 없는 사랑을 기다리고
말도 없는 사랑을 아파하고
넋이 나가버려 바보가 되버려
하늘만 보고 우니까

말도없이 이별이 나를찾아
말도없이 이별이 내게와서
준비도 못하고 널 보내야하는
내맘이 놀란것 같아
말도없이 와서

말도 없이 왔다가
말도 없이 떠나는
지나간 열병처럼 잠시 아프면 되나봐
작은 흉터만 남게되니까

Hajimal geol geuraesseo moreuncheok haebeorilgeol
Anboineun geotcheoreom bolsueopneun geotcheoreom
Neol aye bojimalgeol geuraetnabwa 

Domangchil geol geuraesseo motdeuleuncheok geureolgeol
Deutjido motaneun cheok
Deuleul su eopneun geotcheoreom
Aye ne sarang deutji aneulgeol

Maldo eopsi sarangeul alge hago
Maldo eopsi sarangeul naege jugo
Sumgyeol hanajocha neol damge haenotgo
Ireoke domangganigga

Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul ddeona
Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul beoryeo
Museunmaleul halji damun ibi
Honjaseo nollangeot gata
Maldo eopsi waseo

Wae ireoke apeunji wae jagguman apeunji
Neol bolsu eopdaneungeon
Nega eopdaneungeo malgo
Modu yejeongwa ddokgateungeonde

Maldo eopsi sarangeul alge hago
Maldo eopsi sarangeul naege jugo
Sumgyeol hanajocha neol damge haenotgo
Ireoke domangganigga

Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul ddeona
Maldo eopsi sarangi nareul beoryeo
Museunmaleul halji damun ibi
Honjaseo nollangeot gata

Maldo eopsi nunmuli heulleonaeryeo
Maldo eopsi gaseumi muneojyeoga

Maldo eopneun sarangeul gidarigo
Maldo eopneun sarangeul apahago
Neoksi nagabeoryeo baboga doebeoryeo
Haneulman bogo unigga

Maldo eopsi ibyeoli nareulchaja
Maldo eopsi ibyeoli naegewaseo
Junbido motago neol bonaeyahaneun
Naemami nollangeot gata
Maldo eopsi waseo

Maldo eopsi watdaga
Maldo eopsi ddeonaneun
Jinagan yeolbyeongcheoreom jamsi apeumyeon doenabwa
Jageun hyungteoman namgedoenigga

Hope you like it. I’ve put the English translation and the romaji, so you’ll understand it clearly.