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Last Day of School before Christmas Vacation

Yesterday was the last day of our examination in school, so we decided to have a Christmas Party in our class president’s house few kilometers away in our school.

Our examination started and ended early, so we bought some food in a supermarket near on our classmate’s house. It took almost two hours before we finish buying the foods that we’re going to eat.

Finally, we arrived on our classmate’s house at 3pm (but before that, we walk almost half kilometer to reach their house. it was tiring right?)

During our stay, some of my classmates decided to sleep in our classmate’s room to take some rest (’cause our examination started early as I said a while ago), some were watching TV, cooking and texting. What I did was to take a stolen photo of them and I enjoyed it a lot. Ha ha

While the food was still preparing, they decided to sing (’cause my classmate had a karaoke in their house) and I took some photos and videos of them while they were singing.

Our food was already prepared almost dinner time. The fact is, they were the one to cooked it and it was so delicious.

After that, we took pictures together before some of them will go to a resort (to have an over night stay there)

Our party ended almost 8pm in the evening.

All I can say is, I was not so happy with the party that we made comparing to the last one. Everything changes right? But, I didn’t expect this change a lot.

Vacation Ends

Today is the last day of my vacation. I feel sad (’cause I’ll miss the things that I can’t do during school days), but things aren’t permanent and that’s the reality of life, so I have to enjoy this day before facing new challenges in school and in life.

I went to church (’cause it’s Sunday here and that’s the first thing I did today).  I worship and praise God and I enjoy doing that.

After I went to church, me and my cousin decided to go to mall to buy school supplies. We went there together with our two other friends. We didn’t expect to spent almost 4 hours there sitting, eating and talking to each other. Ha ha

I’m wondering what will happen tomorrow during our first day of our class. (I hope that we’ll have fun).

Photos from google

Enrollment Day

Me and my previous classmates planned to enroll today. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the last step (which is the scheduling of sections) ’cause the computer hanged.

So, we decide to go to school tomorrow at 8am to get our schedules early. I’m thinking of what will happen tomorrow? I hope we’ll gt our schedules early and don’t experience to wait for an hour (like on the pictures). We can do it. Ha ha

Hanging out with my High School Classmates

Me and my high school friends pictures last Sunday and today in our previous school. (CCS)

credit to my camera.

Chilling with Friends

Few minutes ago, I’m with my classmates. We went somewhere to eat and sing all day long. It’s been two weeks since I’m with them (although we’re only three). Ha ha I’ missed it so much. i hope that we’ll be doing this once or twice a week, if its okay with them.

Before that eating and singing factor happened, I’ve waited in our meeting place almost an hour, and the weather isn’t that good. But, it’s okay with me ’cause I’m always waiting when we had our practice, or something like this.

We’re doing like this (except in drinking wines, liquors and alcoholic beverages):

We haven’t took a nice picture, so I put a picture that came from internet. Picture from:

Celebrate “United Nations” Day

I woke up early in the morning to go to my cousin’s school ’cause they will celebrate United Nations Day through preparing different performances like dancing, singing, etc. My cousin (Jenny) will dance with her classmates, and I’ve to record and to picture it ’cause her mom wants to see it. (Her mom didn’t went in her daughter’s school ’cause she’s already in Japan).

So, I want you to see their pictures:

Semester Ends

Today is the last day of our first semester. After taking our exams, we went to our classmate’s house (near the school) to celebrate (and to have our last bonding) ’cause we’ve surpass all the trial this semester (projects, reports, etc.)

We cooked our own food while waiting for our teacher (she said that she wants to spend a time with us), but she didn’t make it ’til the last minute because of her work.

I’m too happy ’cause I’m with them (my classmates) but a little bit sad ’cause our teacher didn’t come.

I’ll upload the pictures later. But for now, I have to rest.


Stolen Shots

Before I go to school, I brought a digital camera with me to have pictures of my classmates.

But, few hours ago (when we’re having our break) I decided to have their stolen shots. I laugh a lot after that ’cause I really like the way I capture their pose (like laughing, sleeping, putting powder on their face, studying, and many more) and I want you to see it.

So, here’s the pictures:

Examination Day

Finally, the first day of our finals has come. I woke up early to be on time, but it seems like I’m too early. I arrived in school almost 1 hour before the exam. The hallway was too dark (I feel like I’m on a horror movie. ha-ha) and the classrooms too.

I was happy ’cause I know that I’ve passed the exam on our Tour subjects (although it’s our major, I didn’t expect that the questions weren’t too hard). But, I’m also sad because I forgot the how to solve one of the problems on our Stat. (Statistics) exam. 😦 I lost almost 15 points on that particular exam.

Few hours to go, another day is coming and that day will be the second day of our finals. I hope that I’ll remember all the topics and answer the questions correctly.


Time for me to review again. (signing out)

Review, review

Our class has ended last Monday, so we’re going to take our finals on Thursday. Time for me to review again ’cause every student do it to pass their subjects.

I’m going to review like the girl in her bed. I have to focus on my study first. (but I’m too excited in vacation!)

Just posting in my blog.

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Last Day

This will be the last day of our class. I’ll miss the happenings when I’m there especially the memories that I’ve shared with my classmates.

Pictures by: Google

Its Studying Time.!

I’m going to study right now like the girl on the picture. Bye for now bloggers. (Signing out)