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“Hayate” to continue filming in Kyushu, JAPAN

Taiwan GTV’s recent drama production “Hayate the Combat Butler” will continue its filming in Kyūshū. (きゅうしゅう), JAPAN.

“Hayate the Combat Butler” tells the story of a rich, young girl Nagi Sanzen’in (starring Park Shin Hye) who lives in a beautiful palace and how her life changes after meeting Hayate Ayasaki(starring George Hu), who is employed to be Nagi Sanzen’in’s butler. The drama production team of “Hayate the Combat Butler” recently says that “Although the mansions in Taiwan are very expensive, but their outer appearances are not pretty enough for the drama.”

Due to that, the drama production team has decided to continue the filming in Kyūshū. (きゅうしゅう), JAPAN. The team also stated that they have gained support from the Nagasaki-ken Tourism Association 長崎観光連盟. (Nagasaki-ken is the capital city of Kyūshū), making the drama a co-production by Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The total cost of the drama production of “Hayate the Combat Butler” is estimated at $198,100 USD (=219,530.000 KRW)


The cutest thing is, hardworking leading actress Park Shin Hye has been learning Madarin Chinese, and she always tells her costars that “I will work hard on it.”

Hayate is currently filming in Taiwan, the estimated filming length is 3 months.


“Hayate” stars George Hu and Park Shin-hye bonding well through art of pranking

Taiwanese actor George Hu and Korean actress Park Shin-hye are already in their second week of filming for their idol drama collaboration “Hayate the Combat Butler”, and the pair are gradually developing into good friends. What has been surprising is that the best way the pair has been communicating with each other is through a series of pranks.  Plus, with the addition of George’s bandmate Shao Xiang from Mandopop boy band Wu Hoo added to the cast, even Shao has been taking part in these pranks. With Shao not willing to be outdone, the newly added cast member of “Hayate” bribed George to pull another kind of prank on their Korean co-star, making Shin-hye cry out in response in her native Korean, “I’m going back home!”

Recently, Shin-hye has been dedicating herself heavily in studying Mandarin, where she has been seen diligently hitting the books. Furthermore, whenever she has the chance, Shin-hye would try to get in some language practice by kicking off a conversation with one of the film crew members in Mandarin. In addition, when Shin-hye has the time, she would also take her language textbooks to fellow co-star George so that her co-star could help teach the aspiring Mandarin language student. But since George has been in the United States throughout the year long prior to the filming of “Hayate”, Shin-hye’s Taiwanese co-star’s Mandarin skills are not that good either. So even though George readily agrees to help out her Korean co-star, in the end he still feels embarrassed as he laughs and says, “Studying with me probably isn’t good at all!” And although Shin-hye’s other Taiwanese co-star Shao is playing the part of fiancé to Park Shin-hye’s character, he himself doesn’t speak a word of Korean as he laughs and says, “My exchanges with Shin-hye are usually warm-hearted smiles.”

The Korean actress has been getting along pretty well with the rest of the cast, and with filming taking place at night for the past few days, even though Shin-hye is feeling a bit tired, she still expressed with dedication, “Everything’s completely okay. Everyone has been good to me, and I’m happy with the work.” George has also given huge thumbs up to Shin-hye’s acting during the course of their collaboration, giving huge praise to her by saying, “Once she gets goes up in front of the camera, she can completely immerse herself in character. It’s truly amazing!”

Source: NOWnews