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Park Shin Hye turns to be “Musician” on her new selcas

Korean actress Park Shin Hye uploaded a photo on her twitter, weibo and Official Japanese blog “ameblo” last November 22 with descriptions:

Twitter: 안녕하세요. 박신혜입니다. 2011 멜론 뮤직 어워드!! 24일까지 이제 이틀밖에 안남았네요. MC오프닝무대에 서게되어서 많이 떨리는데요.. 두둥~ 기대많이해주세요^^

Hello eveyone. This is Park Shin Hye. 2011 Melon Music Awards!! It will be on the 24th. I am the MC and I will be rocking the stage.. Woo~ Please give your full support^^

Weibo: 안녕하세요 신혜입니다!! 오는 24일 멜론뮤직어워드에서 엠씨를 맡게되었는데요!! 굉장히떨리지만 열심히 하겠습니다!! 오프닝 무대도 준비했어요!! 유투브에서 생방으로 방송되니까 많은시청과 응원부탁드립니다!!

Hello everyone I am Shin Hye!! On 24th I’ll be the MC of Melon Music Awards!! I am very nervous but I will strive to my best!! I am also prepared for the opening performances. Youtube will be streaming live, so please watch and support!!

Ameblo: こんばんは‼ みなさんは~シネですp(^_^)q 11月24日 メロンミュージックアワードでオープニング舞台も准备しました‼‼ 知りたいでしょう 优兔比で 生放送でしちょうすることができます。応援してくださいp(^_^)q

Hello everyone!! I am Shin Hye p(^_^)q On November 24 I’ll be the MC of Melon Music Awards & I am also prepared for the opening performances. I know that Youtube will be streaming live, please support p(^_^)q

She will be the MC of 2011 Melon Music Awards on the 24th day of November. Make sure to watch it!

Source: Park Shin Hye’s: Twitter (@ssinz) + Ameblo + Weibo

Translation credit: PSH_IFC

Yoon Eun Hye is hospitalized, takes a break from “My Black Minidress”

With the health of idols and their poor working conditions being a hot topic lately, it seems as if actresses aren’t exempt from the issue as well. Yoon Eun Hye alerted fans of her health condition by uploading photos of herself getting an IV treatment through her personal Twitter.

On December 26th, she wrote, “I slept for three hours at the hospital before going to the filming set in a daze.  We filmed a few cuts and the director said that I shouldn’t film today ㅠ-ㅠ.  This was the first time I canceled filming because I was sick, so it’s making me tear up a bit and definitely feel sorry for the staff!  I should never be sick!…”

A few hours later, she added, “I’m getting an IV treatment to get better fast.  I’ll be sleeping here tonight and getting better!  Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and return to being the strong and healthy ‘Yumin’~!  Please pray for me and ‘My Black Minidress.‘  I’ll get this IV and go to sleep...”

Fans expressed their upset feelings after seeing her exhausted face and commented, “Please get better soon,” “You have to take care of your health!,” and “That’s not a sel-ca, is it?

“My Black Minidress” is an upcoming movie scheduled to release March of 2011 and features actresses such as Park Han Byul, Cha Ye Ryun, Yoo In Na, and Lee Yong Woo.

Source: TV Daily via Nate


Yoon Eun Hye puckers up on Twitter

Yoon Eun Hye recently uploaded a few pictures of her giving a kiss to a Minnie Mouse glove while wearing the matching ears and a muffler.

Two sets of pictures were revealed on her Twitter, with the second being of her delivering an eclectic cut of eye expressions and quirky mouth poses.

Netizens thought she looked very much like girl group trio Orange Caramel, commenting, “So very lovely!” and “Melting with cuteness.”

Source + Photos: Star News

JYP Entertainment launches official twitter account


Various members from JYP Entertainment groups including the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and miss A have hopped aboard the twitter bandwagon.

Now, we’ve received official confirmation from JYP Entertainment as they’ve now become the first of the big three Korean entertainment companies (JYP, SM, YG) to join twitter. You can follow their account @JYPEOFFICIAL.

Make sure to follow them for updates from all your favorite JYP Entertainment artists!


Source: Allkpop

Super Junior’s Heechul & Supreme Team visit FT Island’s concert

On the 7th (today), Super Junior member Kim Heechul uploaded a picture of Supreme TeamFT Island and himself.

He wrote, ‘FT Island concert ended! As expected, live band. Directly in the concert hall was a sweet performance that was not seen nor heard before. Today I became a primadonna!’

FT Island has been having concerts over the last two days in the honor of their latest album, ‘Beautiful Journey.

It’s no secret that Hongki and Heechul are close friends, but where’s Jonghoon?

Source: TV Daily

Image: Kim Heechul’s Twitter


Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Dong Hae visit Hyun Seung Min’s restaurant

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, and Dong Hae recently stopped by singer Hyun Seung Min’s new restaurant in order to celebrate its opening.

On November 5th, Heechul tweeted, “‘H (also known as Hyun Seung Min),’ the singer behind ‘Did You Forget‘, with his new store, ‘Stomach Bursting Fried Chicken.’ Together: Lee Teuk, Dong Hae, me, and Hyun Seung Min hyung!! Chicken chicken~ Soy sauce chicken felt good keke. Shall we go, go, go for soy sauce fried chicken?

Netizens that viewed the picture commented, “Ah! This person! I know him! H! Eat well~” and “This is my first time hearing of soy sauce chicken! I want to try it! Chicken and beer is the best, where is that store?

Source: TV Daily
Photo: Twitter


Goo Hye Sun poses with ‘little Kim Hyun Joong’

On November 6th, actress Goo Hye Sun met up with a familiar face, but was praised for her own.

She tweeted, “I met the original Jihoo from ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ But why has Mr. Jihoo gotten so small? This is the child actor who played Jihoo in the drama.

In the picture, she’s posing with the child actor that played a younger Kim Hyun Joong in KBS 2TV’s “Boys Over Flowers. What caught the attention of netizens, however, was her tiny face which was no different in size than that of a 9 year old boy’s.

Netizens commented, “Her face is so tiny,” “She’s got the face of a child’s, how small is it really?” and “It’s nice to see their innocent smiles.”

Source: TV Daily
Photo: Twitter


Kim So Eun Joins Twitter

Kim So Eun posted some pictures on her cyworld announcing that she joined twitter on her cyworld.


드디어 저도 트위터를 하게됬어요~
근데……사실 너무어려워요ㅜㅜ



Back in June, Kim So Eun’s agency, N.O.A Entertainment made it clear that the adorable actress didn’t have a twitter account. Well, it seems this has changed as she recently posted “트위터!! kimso_ (twitter!! kimso_)” on her cyworld page.

She posted this message, along with 2 photos: “I’ve finally started twitter. It’s so difficult for a computer noob like me.”


In the post above she says that’s she’s finally created a twitter account and to follow her @kimso_

I’ve checked her twitter site out and it seems legit especially considering it was mentioned on her cyworld. Unfortunately she’s following the wrong Kim Bum 😦

You can find her at

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Source: Kim So Eun Cyworld


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